Simple Tips For Healthy Hair

how to have healthy hairIt is difficult to take care of your hair so that it is always shiny, beautiful and always looks healthy, but you can do it.

Hair is very sensitive to many things. Among them: humidity, heat, water mineralization, ultraviolet rays, styling hair with varnish or other means, stress…

1. Combing and styling hair

When caring for your hair, it is important to use brushes made of natural bristles, and comb hair very carefully so as not to damage the roots and fibers.

Avoid combing your hair when it is wet because it is in this condition that the hair is too sensitive and can break easily.

To comb wet hair, use a wide-toothed comb and remember to always start combing from the ends of the hair.

2. Cosmetic products

Shampoos, as well as some hair gels or mousses containing alcohol, really have an aggressive effect on the scalp.

Never wash your hair with too hot or too cold water, it is best to use warm water.

If you notice hair loss, you should immediately stop permanent dyeing or other chemical hair treatments, which have a negative effect not only on the hair but also on the scalp.

3. Be careful when using a hair dryer

Hot air can damage hair roots, so be sure to use a hair dryer at least six inches from your head. If you only need to dry your hair, it is better to set the hair dryer to a flow of cold air.

4. Shiny healthy hair

Unfortunately, dust, lack of nutrients, and exposure to cigarette smoke can dull the natural shine of your hair.

But you can simply wash your hair with a solution of warm water and apple cider vinegar. You can also use lemon juice. This method will also help remove dandruff and any other bacteria present in the hair.

5. Dirty combs and brushes

The tools you use to style your hair get dirty and, in turn, make your hair dirty. We recommend that you place them in a bowl of warm water mixed with four teaspoons of baking powder. Leave them on for twenty minutes and then rinse.

6. Hair restore

Mix a tablespoon of honey, two egg yolks, a tablespoon of yogurt, and a tablespoon of warm water. Make a light massage when you apply this mask on your head and then wrap your head with a film. Wait twenty minutes and then wash off the mask with warm water.

7. Moisturizing mask

You should take a ceramic bowl and a wooden spoon, and mix two teaspoons of honey, a little olive oil, and one egg yolk. Apply the mask and gently rub this mixture into the scalp and hair with your fingertips. Cover your head with a towel and leave for twenty minutes. Then wash your hair as usual.

8. Hair conditioner

Do you want your hair to be soft and shiny? You just need to apply a simple homemade hair conditioner: rub your scalp with homemade mayonnaise, leave such a mask on for five minutes and then wash your hair with shampoo as you normally do. You will notice how much brighter your healthy hair looks!

9. Nourishing creams

There can be nothing better than a nourishing cream for your hair. You should mash the banana and ripe avocado in a bowl. Carefully rub the mixture into the hair, then cover it with a scarf and leave for fifteen minutes. Then you need to rinse with water and wash your hair as you usually do. Repeat this procedure every week.

And finally, here are some final tips to strengthen and nourish your hair:

  • Avoid stress, as it can weaken healthy hair and cause it to fall out.
  • Don’t smoke. Nicotine interacts with proteins in the body and can have a bad effect on healthy hair.
  • Add foods to your diet that are rich in vitamins C and B, and fruits that have a whole complex of vitamins, such as dates, peaches, and guava. To maintain excellent hair condition, we need to eat more whole grains.

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