Some easy to follow steps to clean grout lines

Some easy to follow steps to clean grout lines  Cleaning grout is not as easy as maintaining clean tiles which are beautiful and durable. The grout is more vulnerable to staining due to its porous composition and light coloring. With mudroom or tiled entry, it is grime and dirt which are prime suspects. In case of kitchen, it is spills which should be blamed. Tile cleaning may be an easy process but clean keeping the grout clean inside bathrooms with mildew, mold and soap could be challenging. With the normal household items and elbow grease, it is possible to keep the grout clean.

In case of a cleaning activity, it is wiser to begin with gentlest cleaning methods. When you are not sure on a cleanser, experiment it on any appliance at behind or underway. Mentioned below are a series of grout cleaning suggestions ranging from mildest to toughest:

  • Begin with a stiff bristle brush and plain water. There are many shops and stores selling a wide range of brushes specially designed for cleaning purposes. Spray the warm water over grout lines keep scrubbing in a round manner. Give it sometime to dry.
  • Use old and trusty vinegar to deal with both mild stains and heavier dirt. Take a spraying bottle and fill it with solution of warm water and vinegar in 50-50 measure. Apply over the grout and leave it for at least five minutes. Take a firm brush and start scrubbing.
  • Prepare a paste blending water and baking soda in order to achieve better standards of cleanliness. Apply this paste on grout marks and spray the vinegar solution. As soon as the mixture pauses foaming, keep scrubbing with brush and rinse it with clear water.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is useful in cleaning moderate stains. It is available with maximum drug stores for using it directly or preparing a paste by using the baking soda.
  • Oxygen bleach comes in powder form and it can deal with tough stains and grimy grout. Some of the available brands are Clorex OxiMagic, Biokleen Oxygen Bleach Plus, OxiClean, etc. Maintain ample ventilation in the area and follow through the guidelines given by the manufacturer. Keep rinsing with clear water to avoid the settlement of dust along these grout lines.
  • Use commercial cleansers and chlorine bleach sparingly during some extreme cases. The Clorox clean-up is a spray which is also suitable solution. The grout may erode out due to long period use of the caustic cleaners. Consequently, use these products in limited dozes.
  • An eco-friendly and efficient method of grout cleaning could be steam cleaners. This can be also used for cleaning the other surfaces throughout the house. Steam cleaners available for the purpose of residential use are Hoover, Orek, Bissell and Ladybug.
  • Simply spray vinegar and wipe down to keep the grout stain free and clean once every week. In order to keep mildew and mold at bay, wipe your grout by alcohol. Preservation of the attractive look of home can be done by some wipes and spritzes. It could save both time and effort in keeping your home clean.

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