Link building may harm the SEO efforts, says Google

Link building may harm the SEO efforts, says Google Link building for SEO could be a great thing for the SEO efforts or worst. It is entirely dependable on certain factors. According to analyst Mueller, link building should be avoided for companies normally develop bad links. The objectives of Google revolve around providing the searchers what they’re looking for. After finding it, they keep on returning and also invite friends to do the same. People keep on clicking paid advertisements of search result pages which brings $45 billion for Google as in 2014. Google has unlimited PhDs functioning in making the search experience better. It is quite far from achieving perfection and slipping in quality of search results would lead to drying up of revenue.

Google mostly uses links for determining ways to deliver search results which are high in quality. A historical issue has been that Google isn’t paying much attention to linking quality but on quantity. Some people took advantage by wrongly exploiting this system which includes building many fake and low quality sites. It led to fake promises from companies which Google observes as link schemes. Those interested in link building should be better off with a plan to avoid Google’s accusation of scheming.

Relevance is a significant factor to be considered while going after quality links. When the SEO firm is developing link to the website of an Arizona dentist from a bearing Indian manufacturer, it is bad due to coming from an irrelevant source. It makes the Google suspicious of spam attempts giving the message to ban this website until it shapes up. More relevant spot should be Arizona dentist association to have the right link.

Links of high quality are likely to arrive from good quality websites. The best possible way of developing high quality linking should be naturally earning them.  To earn natural links, high quality content should be created which is good to read.  It needs to be interesting and offer real value. One should think from the point of view of a customer whether it keeps him engaged and interested at the time of reading or not. It shouldn’t be created for the purpose of all the text to fill the given space.

High quality content refers to something when people are ready to pay for consumption. It is as good as magazines, movie and books which people pay for. For earning links, people should concentrate more on the creation of such a style of content or may be recruit someone to create it. High quality content produced on a consistent basis will give long term fruits on SEO efforts. It will earn traffic, links and lead to greater social sharing.

Problem lies in the fact that production of high quality content requires effort, time and substantial monetary investment. Some companies take the shorter route focusing much on links without offering a value which is worthy to be linked with. It is more likely to do harm and not good, as indicated by Mueller. Google began unfolding key updates to focus on quality throughout several areas in 2011.

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