Tips to ensure a healthier weight loss

Tips to ensure a healthier weight lossWeight and health are interconnected and eating more can also led to gaining less weight. The key aspect of a proper weight loss is adoption of a healthier lifestyle. Exercise is an important factor in losing weight and healthy weight management. A more balanced and integrated approach will bring more comprehensive and sustainable results. It will include improving the overall life quality by enhanced energy, better sleep, and improvement in moods through exercise. Slow weight loss is the best way to maintain a leaner body mass. Follow the below mentioned tips in order to lose weight in a healthier manner:

Go for low fats, plant based and high nutrient foods.

To make weight loss more of a natural phenomenon, follow a plant powered approach. Eating nutrient rich food in greater proportion will ensure limited weight gain as against high calorie food. Whole foods and plant powered diet with minimal animal protein keeps the consumer healthy and prevents diseases. The diet should have minimal damaging fats and also refined carbohydrates. Fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains and the soy products are rich in good carbohydrates. For a weight loss, there is a need to consume enough of good fats such as omega 3 fats found in flax oils, fish oil, plankton oils etc.

Consuming balanced meals frequently in small servings.    

Weight loss is greatly influenced by frequency of healthy meals, small eating and snacking, say evidences. Such an approach comes with plenty of benefits and it’s particularly true with diabetes patients. Planning out small and frequent meals may help in fighting hunger as it presents overeating. It maintains a more stable blood sugar levels for the entire day. It is the sum total of calories which contribute to weight loss more than anything else. This is revealed by a research study which also revealed that losing weight has nothing much to do with frequency and size of the meal.

Stay hydrated by drinking enough water instead of liquid calories.

For a better health and ensuring weight loss, it is essential to stay hydrated. The brain confuses

thirst with hunger giving away a sensation of consuming extra calories while there is a requirement for hydration. To maintain health and manage weight, it is important to drink lots of water to stay well hydrated. Before eating, a glass of water should be taken to curb the appetite which supports in limiting excess calories.

The liquid calories in form of sweet tea, soda, juice and lemonade can be consumed easily. Instead of satisfying hunger, these foods add extra calories to the diet. The liquid calories are not good for the health and eating an apple which contains fiber which slows sugar release and their absorption into bloodstream. According to studies, limiting the total amount of liquid calories may help in losing weight.

Focus on mindful eating.

It is necessary to be aware and mindful of eating habits to enjoy its impact on the weight. So, it’s the healthy choices which positively influence the physical health and mental well being. As per a research study, mindful eating helped in weight management apart from maintaining blood sugar levels.

Author Bio: Tony Rolland is working with Nexgen Biolabs, a global leader in the development of premier nutraceuticals and designer pharmacological supplements. He is an author of many articles concerning alternative health, medical conditions and sport medicine.

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