Health Benefits of Daily Meditation and Yoga

Health Benefits of Daily Meditation and Yoga

Yoga and meditation are often practicing separately. But both of these practices are interrelated and aimed at making the mind calmer and the body healthier.

Why is yoga so popular and is it really that useful?

Yoga strengthens both physical and mental health, helps to cope with the social isolation that occurs during quarantine. As well as yoga, meditation helps to relieve anxiety – no wonder it is so popular.

There are several areas in yoga. They are practiced by people in different parts of the globe and the popularity of yoga is growing. Because it is not only an exercise for the body.

Yoga is a way that opens a person’s sense of harmony with himself, nature, and the world. This practice originated in India: the word “yoga” comes from Sanskrit and means “connection”. This symbolizing the connection of body and mind.

So, yoga includes:

  • Breathing exercises or pranayama;
  • Asanas – exercises for the body;
  • Meditations – exercises for the mind.

There are many schools of meditation, and some of them interpret meditation as an inner prayer. Meditation is also often combining with breathing exercises, and there are even meditative dance techniques.

As you can see, yoga and meditation go together, and a combination of these techniques will help to significantly improve your condition. Namely, to achieve a healthy body, calm mind, balanced nervous system, regularity in thoughts and actions, inner discipline, and joy from every moment of life.

With the help of yoga and meditation, you can achieve an internal change of consciousness, a better perception of your inner self and outer – that is, the body.

How to start meditating?

If you have never meditated, it is better to conduct the first meditation practices under the guidance of a yoga teacher or meditation teacher. So you will be more relaxed, will follow the voice of the teacher, but it is important to find a person to whom you will feel sympathy and trust.

The most useful for the body and soul – to practice yoga and meditation

It is necessary to meditate sitting, not lying down, but the position may be different, especially if you are just starting.

When starting to meditate, it is important to find a comfortable position and understand how you will be more comfortable. Because the awkward position and the associated unpleasant sensations in the body will distract you.

If you are more comfortable on the floor, you can use special pillows for meditation.

So, the main three whales in meditation for beginners are a comfortable pose, a teacher, and a physical yoga practice. Yoga, ie performing asanas can prepare your back, thighs, and knees to take comfortable poses in meditation. As a result, you will be able to meditate longer and have more fun.

And how often do you need to meditate?

Once you understand the position in which it is more convenient for you to meditate and have mastered the basics of meditation with a teacher, you can try to practice at home.

An important point for both beginners and those who are already familiar with meditation – you need to practice not too long, but regularly. That is, it is important to meditate constantly, not once a month, forcing yourself to sit and try to concentrate for half an hour. Then there will be a result.

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