Xiaomi Mi Note 2

The much awaited, and demanded as well, Xiaomi Mi Note 2 is set to hit the block soon. The latest model from the house of the Chinese tech giant is a flagship from the house of Xiaomi. And indeed, the great specs truly justifies the high price tag in ways more than one. As evidence, we are going to get into the details and unfold the various features that are going to strike you with awe.

Xiaomi Mi Note 2

The faster, the better

We all look for that one smartphone that can open an application before we even finish naming it. Isn’t? And then comes the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 to the rescue. With a couple of dual-core, Kryo processors, clocking speeds of 2.15GHz and 1.6GHz respectively, placed on a chipset of Qualcomm Snapdragon 821, this smartphone is equipped to storm away right from the word go. Thinking about lagging, this device has an answer to that as well! The 6GB RAM and a GPU of Adreno 530 make sure that the device sprints across even when high-end gaming is in progress.

Pleasing to the eye

The large 5.7-inch full HD 3D touchscreen (best-in-class) gives you the best response each time you touch the screen. A superb density of 771 pixels per inch results in a sharp resolution of 2,160 x 3,840 pixels, besides offering a super AMOLED display.

Apart from the great visual treat, that the Mi Note 2 is set to offer, the smartphone has been coated with a premium design. Sharing resemblance with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, the Mi smartphone sports a meticulously carved curved screen on both the horizontal sides of the device. The neatly polished aluminum body proves it to be a beauty in the making.

Capturing moments

Capturing wonderful moments has never been better. The dual 23MP camera, stuffed along with EIS (Electronic Image Stabilizer), Sony IMX 318 Exmor R sensor proves to be the best to capture all of your moments of bliss. Besides photography, the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 records super high definition videos of 2,160p at 30 frames per second. The front facing camera too works great, providing you with high-quality video calling of 1,080p.

Having zoomed through the highlights of the features that the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 offers, it becomes indispensable for us to consider the present market condition, that is stuffed with such smartphones, and compare and find out better options, if any, to make sure that our money gives us the best returns. So, here is a list of smartphones that might insist you to have a second opinion, before you delve into the Xiaomi flagship.

OnePlus 3

Our search for a high-performance smartphone is always incomplete with the OnePlus 3, another flagship killer from OnePlus, a Chinese multinational company. Considering the comparison on paper, both the flagship killers flaunt similar specs. However, there is a minute difference in the screen size. Apart from that, both the smartphones are head to head into the race.

Moto X-Force 64GB

Moto X-Force seems to be a tough competitor for the Xiaomi Mi Note 2. A better display and beyond par storage option is what you get if you choose Moto X-Force over Note 2. However, the Xiaomi does not lag behind and nails the Moto X-Force with double as much RAM and a much better performance specs.

Samsung Galaxy A8

Though not a flagship, the A8 from Samsung is no walk in the park for Xiaomi Mi Note 2. Customary, as it, Samsung supposedly has a far better brand value and after sale service. The camera too works great for low light photography with a minimal aperture value of 1.9f. However, keeping it aside, Mi Note 2 can pack a punch on the Samsung Galaxy A8 anytime, any day.

Asus Zenfone 3

As quoted in many reviews, Asus Zenfone 3 is considered a little overpriced for the specifications it is built on. But if you have ever used an Asus phone, you will know best why it could get a firm grip on the market. Being a southward in all the departments, when compared with Mi Note 2, Zenfone 3 has mastered the art of making quality items, even when the score is low. For instance, an inferior 16MP primary camera is no cake walk for the 23MP Note 2 and is capable of standing head and shoulders at par with it, in terms of quality.

LeEco Le Pro 3

LeEco Le Pro 3 can turn out to be the fiercest competitor for the Xiaomi Mi Note 2, more so because the former can get to your pocket at a much lower price tag. Keeping aside the display and 3D touch screen (Note 2 can almost kill the LeEco), both the devices share similar configurations, including a mammoth 6GB RAM. However, a higher price tag is what can draw you away from Xiaomi if you have a fixed budget in mind.


Xiaomi has enjoyed a successful venture with almost all its previous smartphones that were launched in India. Same can be expected from the Mi Note 2 as well. The best-in-class specifications are exactly the point that is going to draw you close to it if budget is not a hindrance for you. Xiaomi has prevailed in India by word of mouth, the testimonies. So keeping this in mind, one can be sure that quality is never compromised with, be it any smartphone. However, one has to wait and see how this device fairs in the market, among strong flagship competitors.

Picture Credit : Geralt

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