Here is a Guide to the Fall/Winter/ 2016-2017 Bag Trends

Here is a Guide to the Fall/Winter/ 2016-2017 Bag TrendsHandbags are a woman’s true best friend. They know everything that she goes through. They save us the most in times of distress. They know all about our awkward moments, but they never fail to amaze us. This winter takes care of this best friend of yours in every way possible. And in between thinking on how you can do that, take a look at the latest handbag trends which will again help you in deciding what kind of a new best friend you can buy for this season.

  1. Women’s handbags this season will have unusual prints and patterns in them. There will be a riot of colors within those prints. They are itself a statement piece and you will not even need to wear any other statement accessory if you take a bag like this with you. These bags scream out attention.
  2. Cross-body bags are a huge craze among ladies this season. They are all preferring this versatile style which helps them in experimenting with different kinds of looks. There are fashionable leather cross-body bags, travel bags and much more. Opt for the color blocked ones for the best look.
  3. Reticule pouches of the Austen era have again hit the market. Take this little, multifunctional bag to any kind of event you need to go. Carry them with dresses, with trench coats, with skirts and jumpsuits. For a gorgeous look, opt for the stone-studded, velvet ones.
  4. Bags with chain straps are very famous this season. These straps look good with winter fashion and become the ultimate accessory to carry with your navy or trench coats.
  5. When you are going to buy women’s handbags online, make sure that they have velvety touch in it. Velvet is the latest fabric of this season which have become a favorite with all the designers because of its feminine appeal.
  6. The fringe style is a hit among young women this season. It gives a very boho chic appeal that goes best with casual clothes. It can glam up any casual outfit with its quality and boho look.
  7. If you want something unique, then go for the half-moon bags. This crescent shaped bags will help you in creating a dramatic look with its modern, sleek and geometric design.
  8. Metallic effects in handbags are still very much popular in this season. It will stay in until this winter. It can be your best friend for winter parties. It will add just much the right amount of bling you need. The metallic color handbags with shimmers are also available in totes. Take one of these for a perfect party. You can put everything in this tote and carry so many things in it without compromising on fashion.

Bags can uplift your mood and dressing game within seconds. Bags and other accessories have the power to heighten and glam up your style without having to spend any extra effort to your look. Grab a fashionable bag and nice pair of shoes whenever you are in a hurry and see how much extra glances you get just because of your bags and shoes.

Image Credit : SherieBeazley

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