Positive Effects of Blue Sapphire that Rid Negative Effects of Saturn

Positive Effects of Blue Sapphire that Rid Negative Effects of SaturnThe Blue Sapphire is known as Shani Priya and Sauri Ratna. This means Stone of Saturn and is one of the fastest actings of the nine precious gemstones. It benefits the people born under the Capricorn and Aquarius star sign. It represents the air element and the best time to wear this violet-blue stone is at sunset on Saturday.

Mantra for the Blue Sapphire

The mantra for this gemstone is this: Kaka Dwajaaya Vidhmahekadga Hasthaaya Dheemahitanno Mandha

Effect of Saturn

Since everyone has Saturn in their horoscope at some position, one must be careful of the effect of this planet. If the force is negative, then you can make it positive by wearing the Neelam stone. The stone keeps the person calm and guides them to the direction of spiritual thinking. When the position of the planet is not good in your horoscope, the person will force obstructions and humiliation. The good effects of the house will become distant.

For those who wish to buy it, the original Neelam stone price ranges between Rs 750 per carat for a Blue Sapphire from Thailand to Rs 32,000 or more per carat for a Ceylonese Blue Sapphire. If you ignore the effects of the planet, the person will turn indifferent, lethargic, and even deceitful. On the positive side, Saturn will influence you to become a hard worker with a straightforward outlook on life. The relationship with a working group of people will improve. You see that the negative force of Saturn happens when it occurs in the chart along with Sun, Moon, Rahu, and Mars.

Top benefits from the Neelam stone

  1. The best thing about the original Neelam stone is that it protects you completely. The evil eye is blocked and your enemies become powerless.
  2. Digestion along with mental concentration improves.
  3. One gets rid of laziness and develops better focus.
  4. For many people, the Neelam stone removes complexes and gives them freedom from negative fears.
  5. One has chances to get fame.
  6. This gemstone acts within a day of starting to wear it. You can get good luck and wealth instantaneously.
  7. You develop good clarity in thinking.
  8. One becomes calm and the senses become untangled.
  9. The Neelam stone helps one acquire wealth.
  10. For spiritual people, the gemstone helps them attain self-realization.
  11. Blue Sapphire balances the Sahasrara. This is the chakra where cosmic energy and kundalini merge.

Places of origin and types

You can find the best sapphire gemstones in Lanka and at one place in Kashmir. The others come from Russia and America. One can find two types of Neelam gemstone. The first has a dark blue color like the neck of the peacock. The second has a dark color at the edges and is lighter in the center. The first one is the Indranil and the second is Jalnil. When one experiences Sadhe Sati, they wear a ring with the Blue Sapphire stone. This absorbs the continuous energy from the planet Saturn and relieves them from external negative forces. You want to use a high-quality stone Neelam price will Rs 62,020 for a Neelam stone from Ceylon that is just over one carat (1.21 ratti).

People who benefit

People who are transport or surgery, and those involved in the sale or purchase of land, mines, and so on, should wear the Neelam gemstone. People with bone diseases and those who suffer from paralysis, insanity, or decreasing energy levels can benefit by wearing the Blue Sapphire stone.

For people with a positive effect from the Neelam stone, the effect manifests immediately and the effect is magical. By boosting the metabolism, the energy of the body increases.

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