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The blackberry playbook is the tablet for a business professional; with its multitasking abilities it offers everything a business person needs from face to face communication to an unmatched web experience. It is a very powerful device with real time Blackberry Bridge features that enable you to connect your tablet with your Smartphone and make the most of your time. Your playbook provides you great performance in an ultra-portable design so seeing portability at its best; you’ll find yourself connected 24/7 with up to 4GLTE connectivity. Video chat apps, built-in messages, and easily manageable personal and work accounts keep you on the go, thanks to blackberry for multitasking has never been easier. Besides working on your playbook, you can watch sports and purchase different apps from the Blackberry store including the Sky sports app for Blackberry. In case, you encounter a problem, you can call sky contact number.

OS Release for Blackberry Playbook

Folks at Blackberry have not forgotten about the playbook after its launch, and released an update last month known as the “leaked Playbook OS” but it was not considered enough to address all the bugs and fixes found in the playbook, so everyone was waiting for an official update for the Blackberry Playbook. The official update is finally released to OS as an official OS release of the device.

What the OS Update Promised:

The company is always committed to guard its customers against third party insecurities so the latest OS was promised to address the security incident response and threat analysis, in the first place.

Some users were reported for not being able to upgrade their playbook apps from the Blackberry storefront so the company thought to resolve this issue through an update of its operating system.

Secondly the playbook had remote code execution vulnerabilities while a user opened a flash file or downloaded an Adobe AIR application. Blackberry assured the OS update will deal with these insecurities.

What It Really Brings:

  • OS brings about an increased speed of browser, keyboard and other components.
  • Android player smoothness
  • Adobe Flash Player security updates
  • Addressed the failure to purchase apps within the BlackBerry World storefront
  • An upgrade in the overall responsiveness
  • Keyboard lag is resolved
  • Some “under the hood” bug fixes i.e. getting the ability to save networks after reboots back
  • Authorizing SSL keys to developers in order to help them while working with cloud enabling apps
  • WMV video format support.

Indeed, the OS update to the Blackberry Playbook is flawless and the underlying implementation of the new software is great. Since it enables you to quickly download blackberry sports apps i.e. sky sports without the need to call the sky contact number. Though for some users it is hard to tell the changes since there’s a lot of improvement under the hood, as we already said. Nearly all Blackberry software updates are staged to perfection but there is always space for more, so we hope the company will take into account the remaining tweaks and bug fixes (if there’s any) not addressed by the OS update.

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