Using Flea Collars for Getting Rid of Fleas

Pets often become a part of the household especially dogs who with their undying devotion often make inroads into the most stone hearted person. However when the dogs become flea bitten it not only a source of agony for the pet but also to the pet owners. It becomes an important task to get the fleas off the body of your pets. Flea bites are often very itchy and irritating and the pet scratches, bites and licks till the skin becomes sore and often blood can seen oozing out of the wounds which has been caused by the intensive scratching of the flea bites. There are many methods which can be used for getting rid of the fleas like shampooing with an anti flea shampoo, a chemical dip with anti flea liquid and the use of flea collars. Flea collars are an effective and long lasting method of getting rid of the flea and also preventing re-infection. Often pet owners are dismayed when they see their pets flea infected after an anti flea bath which was give a week before. The main reason is that the chemicals which kill or irritate the fleas hardly remain on the fur of the animals after a few hours post anti flea bath.

Flea collars came into existence somewhere in 1960’s and are a very effective way to keep away fleas and ticks from your pets. Flea collars are usually made of plastics which can slowly release small amounts of insecticides which are toxic to the fleas and ticks. The Flea & tick collars can be effective for varying periods according to its store of insecticides and can last for days weeks or even months. Once the stipulated period of the flea and tick collar has expired, a replacement is made.

Flea & tick collars are a very effective way to tackle fleas and ticks in pets. The animal constantly moves and come in contact with other pets. Even if you disinfect the pet with an anti flea bath, it can easily get re infected when it is in contact with other pets. Hence the need of the situation is a constant release of insecticides which will negate the infection by fleas on the fur of your pets. The type of Flea & tick collars will depend on the size and the breed of your pet. If you have a long haired dog like a Perm, a much more powerful variety of Flea & tick collars will be needed as compared to say an Alsatian or a hound.

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