Quarter II Results of 3D systems

3D systems, a company which deals with 3D printing and the result of the company is a clear indication of the growing popularity of technology. The results for the quarter II for the company showed a jump of 53% for the year 2012 where revenues reached 83.6 million dollar.

The gross profits for 2nd quarter grew at a fast pace with an overall increase of 71% on 2011’s second quarter where the contributions came from sales of printing materials, manufacturing of on demand parts and printer sales despite R&D’s 1.9 million compared to previous year. 3D Systems have been one of the leading 3D companies in the world of 3D printing that boasts of high class technology.

The year 2012 witnessed the introduction of the Makerbot’s Replicator along with the Cube. These printers are available at affordable prices and can be taken by small businesses or individuals. Both the printers have recently been made available and haven’t yet impacted the results of 3D System’s. But according to reports from 3D System, the Cube that was launched has already raised its expectations by acquiring huge number of requirements and to deal with the high demand of orders, capacity has also been increased.

On the other hand there is the Sinterstation Pro of $1 million capable of printing in metals. Printers capable of printing in metals and other substances will lead to success of 3D Systems but the potential lies only when an attractive margin can be kept by keeping down the price.

The earning per share for 3D System for second quarter was twenty seven cent. It seems that 3D system will keep on investing where they generated around 21.4 million dollar during the initial 6 months of 2012 and presently have 158.5 million dollar. The huge amount of cash they possess is believed to be invested on further acquiring. The ZSystems purchase in the year 2011 caught the attention of the investors and came up with decent results. Presently there is big demand for Zprinters offering and it can prove really beneficial for 3D Printing.

The sales of the 3D printer doubled in 2012’s second quarter as compared to the 2011’s second quarter. Apart from that there is a huge rise in the demand of the printing materials and sales increased by almost sixty percent which suggest that not just printers are sold but more and more companies are making use of it.

The 3D printing technology has already started to capture the market and instead of only building prototypes, it offers a lot more. Manufacturing is getting transformed by 3D printing and it seems that the only company that can make good use of the rising demand is 3D systems. They can introduce newer technologies, methods and make it a lot cheaper so that people are able to afford it. It should be designed to serve different applications in

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