How to pick a Halloween Costume

Halloween costumes
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With another Halloween approaching this year it is time once again to give some thought as to what Halloween costumes to wear.  Picking a Halloween costume isn’t as simple as walking into your nearest fancy dress shop and buying the first outfit you see.  You need to put some thought into which costume will suit you.  Halloween night is your one night of the year when you can be someone else, another character, someone perhaps that is a bigger version of yourself or who has characteristics you wish you had.  When you don a fancy dress outfit you do to a certain degree take on that characters persona.  It is a bit like method acting, you become that character for the night with its personality.  So for Halloween this year think about who you would like to be.  Would you like to be brave and powerful for the night then perhaps choose a Superhero outfit like say Superman or Batman which is very in at the moment.  Perhaps you want to showcase your funny side then pick one of the many comic costumes available which will have everyone at your party laughing and seeing your humorous side.  The outfit you pick depends on a certain degree on your personality and the image you want to portray of yourself.  Do not pick a costume which is completely at odds with your personality as other people will notice there is a conflict between what you are wearing and you underneath.  Always pick an outfit that you feel comfortable in as you will then radiate confidence.

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