How to make a stretch limo?

Often people ask the question- How they make the stretch Limousine. An affable Chauffer may answer the question or if he happens to be a cranky fellow he may not answer. However the answer is very short and simple. Take a brand new Lincoln or a Cadillac, cut it into two, extend it and then refurnish it again. That is it. Sadly words defy the labor that goes into making the Limo. It takes a lot of manpower, man-hours and energy to convert a simple Car into a Limousine.

When you see a luxurious Limo, it is an awe-inspiring sight. It may be having four LED screens, as many as three cell phones, GPS, a fax machines, microwave oven, a small bar and central AC which can shame any Home AC in comparison with its cooling ability and power. The Limousine which is used by the Sheikh of UAE when he visits the US is said to even have a bathtub and a Jacuzzi.

The most common stretch Limo which one sees on the road is the Lincoln Town car. However of late other car brands are also being converted into limousines and these include Chrysler 300s, Cadillac and Hummers. The stretching part of the job is usually done by third parties who have been in the stretch limo building process for decades. These manufacturers make the individual Limo series on orders of Limousine service providers.

It is a very complicated task to build a stretched limousine. There are many processes which a new car has to go through before it becomes a sleek and ultra luxurious limousine with its illustrious passengers. A whole team of engineers, safety experts, welders, interior designers and electricians are involved in the process of converting any car into a stretch limousine.
The Lincoln town car is the most common car which is used to make a stretch limo. The car is cut into two halves at unerring precision. One of the cut sections of the car is then extended. Different structures are welded together with precision so that there is no undue pressure on any cross section or part of the limousine. The internal upholstery of the limousine is usually made by the individual coach builder. This includes fiberglass, leather upholstery, electrical parts, metal parts, carpets, etc.
Once the vehicle is stretched, the next process is the finishing the car. The car is primed and then painted to a perfect sheen. Other fitting of luxury like the sitting, mirror finishing, wood panels, carpets, glass holders are also affixed. Last is the process of inspection and water test which is conducted to check for water leaks.

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