Autorefractor – Simplifying Eye Tests

Very few people know exactly what an Autorefractor is though it is one of the most common diagnostic equipment which is found in any eye specialist clinic or at an optometrist. Autorefractor is an instrument which is used to test the condition of the eyesight of any individual. Auto refracting appliance is used by the eye specialist to trace the path of the refracting light in the eye. This in turn will help the eye specialist to determine the state of the eyesight of the patient, and also to detect any eye ailment like Myopia or Hypermetropia.

The actual process of conducting the refractory test using the Autorefractor is very simple. The chin of the patient is kept on a rest and the patient is asked to look into an eyepiece which features a series of moving images. A number of images are shown and different readings are taken. The readings are then analyzed to find the extent of eye sight anomaly and the corrective lenses which need to be prescribed. The tests are done individually for each eye since the structure and the extent of the anomaly can differ in either eyes. The test takes hardly a few seconds. The source of the light is placed at an angle from the recording machine which retraces the path of the refracted rays.

Once the readings are recorded, the Autorefractor will give a report which gives the eye specialist a rough idea of the range of power which has to be used to correct the anomaly. The eye specialist uses a series of lenses of different powers within the range given by the refractor instrument and pinpoints the best power. Depending on the power of the corrective lenses, the eye specialist then advices the patient to go for specs if the power is less or for a contact lens if the power is more.

Auto refracting appliances has made the job of the optometrist much easier. In earlier times the eye specialist has to try out a wide range of powers and it is often very irritating for the patient answering the umpteenth time if can see clearly or not with a set of glasses.  Today the eye test takes hardly a minute and is much more reliable than the earlier times. It is much cheaper also. Today with the help of portable refractors, optometrists can visit communities in far of locations and population who cannot afford a regular eye test.

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