Best 5 Vaporizers of 2012

The year 2012 has been a very exciting year for the lovers of vapors since a lot of sleek and good looking vaporizers have been introduced in the market. I would like to reiterate that this list is not exhaustive and includes 5 vaporizers which I think has all the features which must be present in a good vaporizer like easy temperature control and rapid heating.

Iolite WISPR

A product from the pioneers of the portable vaporizer, it is manufactured by the Irish firm, Oglesby & Butler. Not only is the product compact to be called as truly portable, it has a very chic design which resembles somewhat like a walkie talkie. It may seem to look a bit squarer than its predecessor Lolite but it is lighter than the latter and weighs just 120 gms. It is also available in arrange of five colors and is so compact that it can easily fit into your pocket. As the name goes WISPR is really quiet in operation and cannot be discernable even to the most attentive.


It is a vaporizer which has carved a distinct niche for itself. Made by the well known German Firm Storz & Bickel, it has attained a god like status among all its competitors of its class. Though the price tag of $500 may be a stiff one, it still justifies the cost if one looks at the quality and durability of the product. Lovers of vapors are more than willing to shell out the money for a quality vaporizer like the volcano. The classic version costs $500 while the digital version costs $100 more.


It was the original portable vaporizing device which was introduced by the Irish firm, Oglesby & Butler. It had many unique features which were seen for the first time like the absence of any power connection since it was heated by butane gas. This makes it different from other vaporizing device which will require the user to be near a power source. The Iolite gave the user the freedom to move around along with his vaporizing device without any need to stay near a power source. This is what I say a real portable vaporizing device.

Easy Vape Vaporizer

It is a very affordable brand of vaporizing device and uses convection to operate. Hot air is blown over the herbs and the vapors are inhaled by the user. The heating element is made of ceramic.  It gives the purest and quality vapors to be inhaled by the user.


It makes use of both convection and conduction to operate. The air is blown over the heating element and the hot air is then passed over the biomass, which unlocks the essential oils and other components in the herb and takes it to the user to be finally inhaled with all the goodness of nature.



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