Tourist Highlights in Tarpon Springs

People flock to Tarpon for a session of Tarpon Springs fishing. However there are a lot of things which you can do in the Florida city and there are places which are a tonic for the eye and make your Tarpon Springs fishing routine a truly enjoyable outing. One of the best place which you must never forget to visit is the Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks which is one of the oldest and the most elaborate dock you can see anywhere in the states. The sponge industry is dominated by the Greek community and the effects are there for everyone to see. Besides the sponges of exotic varieties the locality around the Sponge Docks boast some of the most exquisite Greek restaurants offering a variety of Greek delicacies like the stuffed vine leaves with rice or the yummy Greek salads.

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Another great place to visit during the Tarpon Springs fishing is the Brooker Creek Preserve. Spread over an area of 8500 acres, it is excellent for hiking and long walks. It has numerous interactive exhibitions where the underlying theme is Environment and ecology. However check beforehand when it is open since it is not open all the days of the week.If you are more inclined towards a spiritual way of living a visit to the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral is a must. The city as I have said is predominately influenced by its Greek population who are engaged in sponge fishing and therefore the existence of the Greek Orthodox Church. Even if you are not so religious, a visit to this cathedral is a must just to see the incredible architecture.

Another favorite hole where one can spend the day after a session of Tarpon Springs fishing is the Sunset Beach. Though it is a tiny beach and tourists have to shell out $5 as entrance fee, it provides an enamoring view of the sunset. However it does not mean that the person cannot spend a whole day on the beach. The beach is impeccably clean and has a large parking space and most importantly is very safe especially for children who can frolic and have great fun on the this exotic beach.

Another great place which is located in the sponge dock area is the Sponge Exchange Street which offers a lot especially for woman who can shop in the many boutiques and tropical ware stores. Though the stores are expensive but they are justified since you will not be able to pick anything like this anywhere on this globe. You can also get an amazing array of sponges of every design, color and variety.

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