The Intricacies of PR of any Dental Practice Website

For any person who is doing dental SEO or as a matter of fact any SEO procedures’ for any site must be closely aware of the intricacies of Google page rank. Often SEO experts are baffled by the sea saw behavior of the page ranking. There are more than 200 different factors which can affect the final page rank of any website. One of the most important factors which have a huge impact on the Page rank of any Dental Website is content. Content is the king and it must be related to the topic and of use to the readers. However there are many other factors which must be kept in mind by the dental SEO expert while designing any SEO strategy.

Dental SEO

Any site which is the result of an organic approach is bound to get a good page rank. Another important aspect which must be kept in mind is back links. However the links must be relevant, not like older times when the number of back links was more important, rather than the quality of the links. The links must be organic and suspicions are aroused only when unusually high number of back links is generated in a short time which makes them look dubious and invites a closer scrutiny by the search engines.

Delving deeper into back links it must be understood that if any other site is citing your site with a back link pointing to your site, it means that they are endorsing your site and Google considers this very important and valuable. In other words getting a back link pointing to your site is something akin to getting a thumb up. The back link must be however from a credible site with subject which is closely related to the topic of your site. This is one of the most important criteria which must be fulfilled when designing any strategy by the dental SEO expert.

Another important criterion when designing any strategy for dental SEO is the age of the site. Search engines are increasingly being very ruthless against sites which offer insignificant or irrelevant information on their sites. If the site has attained a ripe old age, it means that it features pretty serious and important information which are useful to the users. With passage of time many facts which would not be easily understood by a novice webmaster will become a habit and will help to get better page ranks without much effort.

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