Hilarious Weight Loss Stories

My wife whom I lovingly call Pumpy is always terrified by the fact that both of us have reached middle age and I may be struck by the middle age syndrome and may forget my vows and get into an extra marital affair. Needless to say Pumpy as her name suggest is a little obese and has tried all in her capacity to reduce her weight. Dieting, crash diet and even a session in a naturopathic centre which cost a fortune and blew a hole in our family kitty all have been tried out but in vain.

Weight Loss

However to her dismay most of her ventures ended in failure. It took a Herculean effort on my part to convince her that my love for her is rock solid and there is no need for her to punish herself with such fanciful weight loss regimen. However it was all in vain until she joined a health care center where she was put through a rigorous session of aerobics which ended when he twisted her ankle and was bedridden for a week with a swollen ankle. It required a week long casual leave from my work and a lot of loving care before I was able to convince her that our marriage is still working and still dote upon her as much as when I saw her for the first time.

Weight loss is more to do with the lifestyle one follows and a healthy life style can help to prevent a person from becoming obese and overweight. Prevention is much better than cure and a healthy diet can easily prevent a person from getting obese. I remember another hilarious incident during my college days when I decided to go for a sustained anti obesity programme. I along with my friends decided to go for jogging daily around the causeway which was recently constructed in our city. At the end of the causeway was a Macdonald Kiosk and all of us started eating something since we would be ravenously hungry after our 5 mile jogging. At the end of the month we found each one of us gaining a few ponds instead of losing it. So much for our anti obesity efforts. Today after the age of 40, I have realized that weight loss can be best effected with a proper and sustained dietary regimen which must be strictly followed. The best way to go for any weight loss regimen is to prevent the fat from depositing under your belly on the first instance.


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