How Sugar Is Ruining Your Skin

Fast carbohydrates dry the skin, lead to cellulite and premature wrinkles. To make your skin glow with youth, you should stop eating sugar and foods with preservatives.

Excess glucose in our diet is a real scourge for the skin. Favorite packaged juices, sugar, sweets not only contribute to weight gain but also take away our youth and beauty. What foods are harmful to the skin, what problems does their use cause and how to prevent it?

Is only sugar is dangerous for the skin?

Glucose and other fast carbohydrates, which we consume along with juices, fruits, berries, sugar, and confectionery – are some of the sources of energy. But at the same time, this fast carbohydrate, if consumed in excess, harms our skin.

The more often you add sugar to tea or coffee, the more excess glucose will be in your body. Sweet carbonated water, packaged juices, confectionery, and other sweet foods that contain sugar and preservatives – ketchup, sauces, and so on, are also harmful. It’s not just overweight or cellulite.

How dangerous are such foods for the skin?

Excess glucose enhances lipogenesis, i.e. speeds up the process of energy storage in the form of fat. The higher the concentration of glucose in the tissues, the worse the synthesis of collagen. And this protein is produced more slowly with age. It is the basis of connective tissue, responsible for the strength and elasticity of our skin.

In addition to the fact that the skin loses elasticity, excess glucose is in it – a good breeding ground for various pathogens.

Therefore, the more sugar, jam, candy, sweet confectionery, and beverages in your diet, the higher the risk of acne and the development of pustular skin diseases. Especially in people with a predisposition to it (acne, teenage acne, chronic skin diseases).

Excess in the diet of fast carbohydrates leads to the fact that the surface layer of the skin is not only covered with cellulite. But also becomes thinner, less elastic, and resilient. The skin peels become more unarmed before infections. Premature wrinkles also begin to appear, especially in the corners of the lips and eyes. And an excess of fast carbohydrates leads to muscle weakness, fatigue, apathy.

But we still need fast carbs for energy, so what do we can do?

The best way is to give up sugar, foods containing preservatives, try to at least reduce the number of sweets and confectionery in your diet.

An adult person, if he does not do hard sport and hard physical work needs 300-400 g of carbohydrates per day. Simple carbohydrates, according to WHO recommendations, should account for no more than 10% of all carbohydrates obtained, which is only 30-40 g.

It is important not to overdo with fructose and glucose contained in foods. The idea of ​​deceiving the body, moving from one harmful sweet to another, and eating only a small piece – a failure. Because the receptors respond to sweetness, but do not get the usual calories. As a result, you will want even more.

If you still decide to use substitutes instead of sugar, then pay attention to the composition and prefer the most natural ingredients.

And also do not forget to take care of the skin according to its type, do not forget about massage and cleansing procedures – and you will look fresher and younger!

Picture Credit: Pexels

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