Essential Caterer Traits that Will Make Your Event a Culinary Success


The way to your audiences’ hearts is through their stomachs! – Clichéd but oh, so true. Food is one of the key factors attributing to the likeability of an event; and hiring the right caterer is the way to ensure that your guests are served the highest quality of food in a most presentable manner.

The decision is a tough one, especially if you are organizing formal functions for the first time. Reviews, recommendations and observations from the past events that you may have attended as a guest are the best ways to judge a caterer. Besides these, there are a few points based on which you can analyze how good a caterer is. Here they are:

Food Samples

If you are encountering a caterer for the first time, make sure you attend a food sample tasting before you finalize the deal. The samples may give you a fair idea of how good the chefs are. Besides their regular dishes, you can also request for something special that you would like to have on your menu for the event. Do remember that the samples are the best a caterer would offer; if the tastings are not good enough, chances low that the food on the event-day to be better.


You surely do not want a stiff, constipated-looking waiting staff serving your guests in a cold and aloof manner. Hospitability forms a big part of the catering trade. References from the caterer’s previous clients can give you some idea about this; an even better way is to let your own intuition guide you. Hire the caterer whom you perceive to be warm and friendly.

Ability to Deal with a Stressful Situation

Food shortage, sudden weather change, and unexpected guests – myriad things can go awry at an event. An uncooperative or panicky catering team will only make things worse for you in case a stressful situation arises. On the other hand, an experienced caterer with a genuine interest in making your event work will be really helpful in helping you manage the crisis. Therefore, do a good amount of research on the particular caterer’s performance on her previous engagements.

Knowledge about the Customs and Traditions of the Audience

Food and tradition have an intricate, unbreakable bond. It is always good to hire someone who understand the customs and preferences of the audience for cooking and serving. Look for a caterer who can cook authentic food and serve your guests with all their customs in place, for instance, if most of your guests are going to be Asian, a caterer familiar with Asian ways would be your best choice.

Creative Bent

Culinary arts are all about experimentation and creativity. Look for this quintessential element in your prospective catering team if you want unique presentation and new dishes for your event. If it’s a wedding or some other celebration that you are hosting, creative skills are particularly necessary.


Is the caterer willing to change his menu to accommodate your personalized requirements? Would she cooperate in case the event stretches beyond the stipulated hours? Put up these questions to determine if the caterer is flexible enough.


An ideal caterer should be thoughtful about the nutrition and hygiene of the food she serves. She must have genuine interest in serving healthy and pleasant meals to the party.


A cook’s emotions magically find a way to seep into the food he cooks. Also, the serving staff’s level of enthusiasm affects the mood of the get-together. Therefore, try looking for a caterer with a happy demeanor.

Be it weddings, celebrations or corporate meetings, serve amazing food, and you’re already half-way through an event. Let a professional caterer manage this half for you so that you can concentrate on the other half towards making your event a super-hit!

Author Bio: Divya is associated with red pear catering, reputed catering company offering its services in Australia, Gold Coast and other parts of Australia. Red Pear Catering is family owned and is proud to be considered one of the premier full service catering and event planning companies.

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