Advanced optical equipment and the future of the man’s lifestyle

Google-Glass-Optical-EquipmentAlmost all are aware of Goggle by Google and the news about treatment for blindness is also not new. Yet another development is taking place in the world of ophthalmology and it is the invention of the bionic lenses for the eye. This is completely new and modernized ophthalmic equipment that is undergoing development by Seattle’s Washington University researchers. The lenses aren’t being designed in order to carry out a treatment of the eye. These have been designed to enhance the lives of men, at least for the time, much like Goggles by Google.

The functionality of the bionic lenses is beyond what can be done by Goggles by Google. The lenses have a very high potential in every sphere of life. The contact lenses, it seems, have come out straight of science fiction films, just like the character of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator. The lenses Arnold had in the film enabled him to see people along with the data superimposed on them. The system is often called AR or Augmented Reality.

The designing of the lenses can be said to usher a new generation of ophthalmic equipment. The lenses are functioned in a way so as to search the web. These can deliver emails just before the eyes. The lenses would offer an interface that is a holographic monitor to be used in the mid air. Holographic abilities of the lenses have a very high potential. For instance, the user of the lens can try new sets of clothes without having to undress where he actually uses a virtual screen for trying clothes. Video games will have a different level altogether. The holographic can show driving information like speed and levels of gas without diverting the vision from the road.

The bionic lenses also regulate the health processes. The health of the wearer of the lenses can be monitored easily by way of linking the biosensors that are worn in the body or making use of the biomarkers from the eyes of the wearer. It is an advanced ophthalmic equipment that can monitor blood sugar level, potassium level, sodium, and cholesterol along with other variables. The lenses are programmed to tell the number of calories that the wearer is about toeat and can notify as well about the essential nutrients missing from the diet. Such useful are these that they can aid the patients suffering from glaucoma to check the ocular pressure with the help of its in-built computer technology.

The bionic lenses stand as a symbol of the advancement of technology. It can be imagined as an ophthalmic equipment that helps impaired hearing by means of translating speech into captions. The lenses can also be imagined as providing visual signals from a navigation system or as producing graphics for moving in accordance with the musical beats. The technology has not yet completed its development and it has certainly a very long way for moving on before becoming a landmark in the world of ophthalmology.

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