Study Room Adornment by applying Fruitful techniques

I have seen many mothers who get worried when their child shows little interest in study matters. I was also passing through the same phase. What would be the reason for this carelessness? What things are necessary to imply and what should be eliminated in this case? After observing his last day’s behavior I thought that I am not providing him the comfortable environment for his studies. So I thought to start a little re-decoration of his room, so that his sense of concentration and excitement get arise and he can work with full anticipation.

Stocking of Necessary stuff:

First of all I thought to place necessary study items in the room. And clear out the room from all extra and spacious things. I bought a table having many shelves and show cases. I put some pending work in drawers and homework note books on the inlet shelf. And after completion of homework, the notebooks should be placed on outlet shelves. Then I settled its homework desk, placed a box for necessary color pencils and markers. Drawing books at the corner of the table and created a time table and transformed it on cheap canvas prints at the front wall of table, now it was catchy and reminds him about his work. I avoided putting un-necessary item on table, because it can create overwhelming effects. If your child is crazy about computer games then this will be an additional item on the table. But the area will look complete.

Lighting Effects:

If your child is crazy about colorful lighting effects like mine, then don’t hesitate to decorate his room with beautiful lights. Because you are designing a place for your child, so his desires should be your top most preference in decoration. So I preferred to decorate the room with his favorite lights. Key light at the top and small flower string lights along the walls. And if he likes LED lights, then put small Led lights at the center.

Embellishment of Room:

Some children like unique and beautiful decoration in their room. Like I have seen in many homes that study rooms are decorated with pearls and extra ordinary ornamentation. But this looks more overwhelming. So I thought to embellish the room with his favorite toys, but make sure these should be place away then his study table. So that his concentration may not divert. And after that I put a beautiful chandelier besides the roof LED lights. Chandelier was white in color and has small candles and beads. For charming walls, I hanged small landscape paintings and transformed his graduation photos on custom canvas prints and decorated them on the front walls of room. Now it was enough to call a perfect setting.


For creating a fresh and relishing look, one can decorate the room with beautiful wallpapers. My child was crazy about angry birds. So I preferred to put angry bird wallpaper. But if he likes flowers and sceneries then they can also create healthy impacts on his daily homework routine. But if walls are already beautiful and have crafted textures then I don’t think so you need to create extra expenses.

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