LED Light Bar Innavation


LED bars are among the most useful and innovative result of scientific and technological development. Light bars are so widely used in the present era that they do not need to be introduced to anyone. Emergency response or the first response services mostly use them on their vehicles to signal the emergency to other drivers and the traffic police. Apart from the emergency response teams, light bars are also installed on vehicles of high governmental ranks, defence forces, etc. LED light bar is just an improved form of regular light bars and intended to provide better efficiency to vehicles onto which they are installed.

The usage of light bars is known to all. So, the matter of concern right now seems to be the addition of prefix LED, which stands for Light Emitting Diode. The difference between any conventional light bars and LED light bar is the incorporation of LED technology. Previously, bulbs or other known sources of light were used in dual or multiple colour shades but now LEDs are used for the same purpose. However, the fundamental concept and usage of light bars remain the same in case of LED light bars too.

LED light bar may appear like just another light bars with no apparent advantage or disadvantage. That is because LED bars are not designed to be distinguished but to make the use of light bars economical in more than one ways. First and the most important, LEDs are highly energy-efficient. In fact, an LED bulb can consume up to 90% less electricity in comparison to other sources of light available in the market in this age. Second, LEDs are much brighter than regular bulbs. Thus, they are utmost crucial to emergency vehicles such ambulances, fire engines, disaster management squads, etc.  These are special vehicles and often have unconventional equipment, some of which depend upon on electricity to function. Such equipment might be rendered useless in case of battery-power drains-out due to light bars, which do not serve directly to the situation.

DaMeGa Predecessor LED bars deserve special mention this regard. DaMeGa has especially designed its LED light bar for undercover operations where law enforcement personnel need to reach closest possible to the suspect before raising alarm to leave him with no option. DaMeGa light bars contain 10 TIR light modules containing triple 1Watt LED. They are aerodynamically built to reduce traction and avoid detection. The 3rd generation light bars offer 15 flash patterns.

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