Oculus presents a whole range of quality eye care products for eye care specialists

oculus_park1_produktOculus had started in the eye care industry long time ago and since then has been providing quality eye care products. The company aims at providing support for the daily tasks that are encountered by the specialists by introducing such instruments that are sophisticated and based on the newest technology. The eye care instruments that they develop and manufacture are of high quality. The company offers an in-service training so that the specialists can efficiently operate the new and modified eye care instruments. Oculus presents a complete range of ophthalmic equipment.

1.            Pentacam

This ophthalmic equipment takes up a rotating system of camera for the analysis of anterior segment. The elevation and topography of the posterior and anterior corneal surface are measured by Pentacam. It also measures the thickness of cornea. The instrument can be customized and upgraded anytime for including software modules that are optional for addressing the particular needs of the users.

2.            Binocular Loupes

The binocular loupes provided by Oculus have been used extensively over years. This ophthalmic equipment is used for works of precision in number of fields in the eye care industry. It finds use in fields like art, medicine, technology, research, and other areas. These magnifying loops are good for patients who have low vision as the quality and standard of life of the latter is improved by these. The instrument enables stereoscopic near vision besides providing a sufficiently high mobility rate.

3.            Park 1

Park 1 is a unit that combines a keratometer, automatic refractometer, and non-contact pachymeter. Other than objective refraction, the unit comes with keratometer values. It enables the determination of pachymetry in a very short time. The integrated management system of patient data facilitates organizing the data and ensuring that the contact lens fitting is patient friendly. The design of Park 1 is compact and saves space.

4.            Corvis

Corvis is a revolutionary introduction in the world of ophthalmology. The instrument records the corneal reaction to a specific air pulse. This is done with the help of a high speed camera that is newly developed and that takes more than 4300 images in a second. With the instrument it is possible to measure the thickness of cornea and IOP with precision, based on Scheimpflug images.

5.            H Test

This ophthalmic equipment helps in playful examinations of eye for children and is provided with a musical feedback. H Test is appropriate for testing the vision of children and has been designed specially for children whose age is between 3 and 6. The instrument also aids children who have low verbal skills.

6.            Centerfield Perimeter

The ergonomic design on this ophthalmic equipment together with its easy program navigation and operation makes the Centerfield Perimeter a valued instrument in health care industry. Kinetic and static perimetry are conducted by the unit up to seventy inches. A clear printout summarizes the result of perimetric measurement. It becomes easier to recognize the areas that have abnormality. A re examination of the areas that are independent of test point grid makes diagnostic analysis reliable.

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Picture credit: Oculus.de

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