Ideas for a winter wedding

Although meteorologically cold, winter is one of the warmer times of year, which is full of festivity and fun. With a variety of festivals following this season, there is no doubt that love, happiness, and quality time with family abound in this season. If you too are a fan of the winters and are planning for a winter wedding, here are some ideas!

Choose a place with warmth and style

Getting married in winter represents endless opportunities of style and subject. Whether you want a Christmas themed wedding, winter solstice, Valentine’s Day or just a wedding with winter accents, the place you choose will certainly help to set the mood.

For a wedding with a more rustic style, you can choose a remodeled barn, a lodge, or even a club. The idea is to enjoy a wonderful fireplace, stalls and large wooden beams on the ceiling.

To economize on the cost of decoration, you can choose a place that is already decorated for the season. Hotels, halls, clubs, and restaurants with great delicacy usually decorate their areas during the winter. Of course, choosing a place with some decorations could limit the subject but on many occasions, you may find the midpoint between the theme you have in mind and decoration of the place you choose.

The wedding attire

Every girl knows that winter is a tough time to flaunt the most beautiful and warm accessories. It is important to learn that there are not how many wedding accessories for winters, but it is important to find the wedding trousseau that can keep you warm.

Some recommendations:

  • If you plan to marry in winter, choose a dress with thick, warm fabric that has a fall, as this will prevent you from extreme cold.
  • If you dream of a dress with drop cloths soft, ethereal light, come to a compromise. Maybe you can use lighter material for your dress but remember to keep thermal wear like a shawl or stole to keep you comfortable.
  • If you choose to carry a stole or shawl complements your dress, consider including one for your friends and cousins as well, and sport a unified look.
  • Choose colors like ruby red, sapphire blue, emerald green, amethyst purple orange agate, and of course brilliant white diamonds, gold, silver, and Swarovski crystals for your wedding trousseau. This range of dramatic shades is the perfect contrast to the days of fog and snow that usually characterize the winter. Keep this palette in mind when choosing the regalia for the wedding party.

Glamorous and Dramatic Flowers

The winter bouquets can become dramatic and elegant ultra or super sweet and tender. Besides the beautiful roses, tulips, sweet peas and other beautiful flowers of the season can have flowers that are given throughout the year to your bouquet.

From among the favorites for a winter wedding, include:

  • Glamorous bouquets of roses decorated with glass and other details that add a bit of bling and style.
  • Bouquets of tulips Elegant and minimalist chic monochrome tones.
  • Ramos with seasonal flowers in deep, rich colors.

A tasty menu

The menu for a winter wedding includes some rich and delicious dishes with strong flavors. Consider including seasonal items such as nuts, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and the delicious dishes that you usually find in this season but maybe with your own personal touch. It also includes typical winter drinks like hot chocolate, punch, and eggnog. Another detail you can include a signature drink for the cocktail hour, maybe cranberry or other typical flavor of the season.

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