How to Become a Fashion Designer

Fashion is an industry that is constantly changing. A new idea starts trending on the market every season! As a result, there is always the possibility that your new design could be what everybody will be wearing next summer. Follow these steps, and you could soon be the next major fashion designer!

Acquire Some Skills

Fashion designing does require an extensive development of your skills. You can’t just throw a few colors together and then expect it to be the next big hit; fashion designing requires development of certain skills, as well as the practical application of them. Then, as an accomplished artist, you’ll be providing the fashion world with the tips and advice you have to give! This will be the most rewarding thing of all: giving back to up-and-coming designers that need help on their way up.

For example, you need to be a professional at sewing. If you can’t sew, you basically can’t be a fashion designer. You also need to develop your visual abilities to the point where you can see what would look good and what wouldn’t without having to sit down and actually create it.

What’s Trendy This Season?

Fashion and trends are integral parts of each other. As a fashion designer, you need to be able to study trends and also be able to predict what new trend will evolve out of the current ones. Since fashion is based on trends, you need to be able to design accordingly.

Fashion School

Take fashion design college courses. As an accredited designer you’ll get the head start you need to boost yourself over the competition to make youand your designs known.

This also may mean applying for internships and building yourself up from that point. Whatever your starting point is though, you’ll have to put in a tremendous amount of work.


Build up a personal portfolio of your design work. You’ll have a better chance of getting hired if you have already created several designs. Assemble a portfolio of your work (the bigger and higher-quality it is the better) to present in your sales pitch to your first client. An important thing to remember is to show every phase of creating each specific design. Showing each step will help to reinforce the fact that you have skill, and will create a good impression in the mind of your potential client.

 Pitch it!

Landing your first client is going to be the single most important thing in your career, besides being the single most difficult! As a fashion designer, remember that there will be a lot of competition. Prepare your pitch, revise it, make sure your portfolio looks good and get ready! Be confident (but not cocky), professional and open-minded. Do everything to ensure that your client likes you and your designs.

Put these 5 steps into practice, and soon you could be a professional designer! Turn that childhood dream into a real career doing something you love. What are you waiting for?

Article by Joel Mayer who writes about fashion and reviews companies like High Tea with Mrs Woo clothiers & artisans

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