Guidelines for Doing Your Own Divorce

Divorce LawGetting a divorce is never an easy thing to do. Things get even worse when the divorce case gets strangled in litigation. The best best way to avoid all these and get a fast and easy divorce is to represent your case in the court house. Doing so will not only save a lot of money in attorney fees, but will also enable you to get a divorce in the least possible time. However, before initiating the process of divorce make sure to educate yourself on the divorce laws of your state. This will help in understanding the legalities involved in the process and the process to be followed to get the divorce. You will also need to sort out all the personal as well as financial issues with your spouse before filing the divorce papers.

 Given below are guidelines for doing your own divorce:

  1. Educate yourself on the divorce laws of the state and the legalities involved in the process of divorce. You will also need to understand how to complete the divorce papers. If you are not able to complete the divorce papers then you can search for the information on the Internet. There are thousands of websites offering information on how to complete the divorce papers.

  2. Sort out all the issues with your spouse. If both the partners want to get the divorce done then resolving issues like division of property, spousal support, child custody and support is very important. Once you have resolved these issues, draft a common settlement agreement in accordance with your spouse. Make the agreement in such a way that it should cater the best interest of both the spouses. You will also need to make a child custody and support agreement if you have children. These documents are very important as they will be required by the court while giving decision on spousal support and child custody.

  3. File the divorce papers in the family law court along with various documents like income proof of both the spouses, tax and investment documents, bank account details and information about marital property like houses and cars.

  4. The court will then hear the case and if it finds that the the documents related to division of property and child custody are in the best interest of the involved parties then they are accepted and implement along with the divorce order.

 Opting for a do it yourself divorce can prove to be a great idea if you do not want to get buried under huge attorney bills. However, this type of divorce is not for everyone.

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