Explaining Fundus Camera

Topcon-NW5-digital-NonMyd-Fundus-Camera-600wm[1]Eye tests done by the doctor’s help to ensure that the patients are able to see with or without the assistance of glasses and diagnose several other problems. Trained medical professionals, ophthalmologists and optometrists make use of the fundus camera to check and predict different types of eye related complications. With the help of the fundus camera doctors can take images of the retina inside the eye. These images are used by the doctors to diagnose a disease or the images can be analyzed later in screening programs. The instrument consists of a microscope of low power along with a camera. The camera provides a magnified, upright view of the fundus that helps in the diagnosis of various ocular ailments. But the device is widely used for the diagnosis of a disease known as retinopathy which is quite common in people suffering from diabetes.

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