Project Blue Sky helps you delve deep into 3D printing.


It is continually stressed that the technology of 3D printing would have a phenomenal effect upon the lives of man. Many do not still know the fact that such a technology exists. Even if they are at all aware of the fact, they know least about the development that has taken place in the field without having come in contact with the industries concerning this.

Those who wish to visit the festival Burning Man, would without doubt come to know about the working and capacities of this technology even when it is working with the 3D scanner.

The people who would attend the festival are to be taken into the dome. There they are to be 3D scanned. Until the results are displayed, they are to be given the transponder with which they can go ahead and enjoy the festival. It must be mentioned that the transponder is very similar to those that are given to the people while they are waiting for the order placed at a hotel or restaurant. The transponders would buzz when the process is complete, and when they walk back, they will be offered their own 3D prints in the dome.

The scanning is done with Kinect technology and any proper software can enable a PC connectivity of these 3D scanners. The print would exactly replicate the bodies with every curve and fold.

ReAllocate has set up the dome. It is bent upon showing the functionalities of 3D scanning so that the interested people may take this up for their business.The dome will leave for the financially challenged sections of America following the festival, Burning Man.

But the question pertains to how pragmatic would it be totake up the technology as one’s business? People would most essentially need innovative concepts to scan and edit for the purpose of printing. The open source software, the CAD softwarecan send the CAD design for printing. The only thing that is required in a computer is a high capacity hardware and storage. The Kinect scanner comes at a cost of $200 while open source software can be obtained free. The printers come with a starting cost of about $800. But the burden can be reduced to about $400 by assembling the various parts ofRep rap printer.

The huge amount may stand as a hindrance, but paying in groups to initiate a business can be comparatively cheaper as measured against the future profits that it would bring.

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