Why Hollywood Loves 3d Printing?

Hollywood is finally waking up to the value of 3D printing service especially for the creation of large number of 3D digital models. Remember the character in Iron Man 2? The gloves and the whole body suit which was used in the action scenes were made using 3D printing services. It all began in 2010 when Jon Favreau from Paramount Pictures wanted a real and authentic Iron Man suit which would be used in the action sequences which could not be generated digitally. In earlier times most of the costumes which were used in Hollywood flicks were made by hand. However Jon wanted something different and instead took to the latest technology i.e. 3D printing service.

The suit which was worn by the star Robert Downey in Iron Man 2 became the first 3D printed costume in Hollywood. The suit was digitally designed and was then created in pieces with the 3D printers. Though not many people discuss openly the effects of 3D printing service in the celluloid industry, its effects are already being felt. 3D printing will help to considerably cut down the labor and the time involved in film making.3D printers help to create complex costumes or suits as per the requirement of the directors of the movie.

Take for example a producer wants to make a period film with a lot of emphasis on costumes. The art director can easily design the miniaturized costumes, print it with a 3D printer and show it to the producer for approval. In earlier times it involved much labor creating handmade foam models at every step. Today one only has to design the costume in 3D and print it with the help of a 3D printer.

The 3D printing has been hampered by the cost factor which makes it difficult for wide acceptance by the industry. On one hand there is the lower end 3D printers like the MakerBot which makes it hard to believe that it will find any use in a multibillion movie project. On the other hand there are 3D printers which cost millions of dollars and produce products which are so real and difficult to judge that they have been 3D printed.

What is the future of 3D printing service in the entertainment industry? The machines which have been used in Hollywood flicks produce models with a thickness of 16 microns. This is the level of precision which is required in the entertainment industry. Hollywood is finally awakening to the potential of 3D printing.



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