The Real Reason for Obesity In People

Weight management is being discussed with increasing urgency, partly because of increasing incidence of obesity in the US and also due to the indicting of obesity to various chronic ailments like Diabetes and Circulatory disorders. Numerous reasons have been given for this increase in obesity and the favorite being fast and junk food. One more factor which is increasingly being discussed is the use of Fructose in sweeteners which is having causing an increase in obesity in persons. Though some research suggest that high fructose in diet can cause release of hormones which can increase obesity. It is also suggested that since Fructose has only one metabolic pathway i.e. in the Liver, any excess of Fructose will eventually be stored in the liver as fat. However it is also not right that only Fructose is singled pot for criticism since the same thing can be said about other saccharine like Sucrose or even Glucose.

Often Weight management buffs talk a lot about Fructose being a cause of obesity. It gives a feeling that Sucrose and Glucose is ok and can be consumed in tons and it would not cause any obesity. This is far from the truth. The table sugar which we eat is 50:50 mixtures of fructose and Glucose. The fructose which is used as a sweetener in the form of corn syrup is also not 100 percent Fructose but a mixture of Fructose solution and Glucose. Therefore the question of Fructose causing obesity is incorrect.

Often rigorous weight management schedules fail because the person is not able to follow the strict regimen. What causes obesity is a combination of factors which includes environment, psychological, and physiological factors. It is not that eating sugar or fructose will not cause obesity. In fact eating excess of anything will lead to obesity. Fat, proteins, carbohydrates all can cause an increase in weight.

One of the golden rules of weight management and keeping your body fit is to limit the carbohydrate intake to below 50 percent of your diet. Also ensure that a major portion of the carbohydrates comes from high fiber sources like whole grains and vegetables. This will ensure that the food will take a longer time to digest and keeping the hunger satiated for a longer period. Cut down drastically on processed food and avoid junk food at all times. Food such as coke, soda, cookies and cakes and pastry contains large amount of hidden calories which is not visible while consuming such food. If you have a sweet tooth, prefer fruits such as Guava or Apple which have a lot of fibers.

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