Preventing Your Cat from Becoming Fat

There is a saying in South Asia; a tiger will not eat grass even if it is starving. Cats, Tigers and all its brethren are carnivorous animals who are endowed with the hunting and killing instincts. I have heard that a tiger will only kill when it is ravenously hungry and once it has its full, will go to sleep and rest for days till the pangs of hunger again becomes unbearable. The same thing applies to our domestic cat also. However pet owners often provide food, much beyond its requirement and end up, having an overweight and obese cat. I have come across numerous friends who complain that their cat is overtly lazy, obese, fat and ugly. It is because they had over fed their pet and made their pet lazy. It is in such situations that the Cat Feeder comes handy. A cat feeder is a very versatile appliance which ensures that the pet is fed only that is necessary and required.

There are many things which one can do to prevent their cat from getting obese. One thing which you can do is to make the cat search for its food. You can hide or scatter the food like nuts or small nuggets of meat at strategic location. The only precaution you should take is to know exactly where and how many you have hidden so that it can be removed, if the cat has not found it. In this way the natural instinct of the cat to hunt will be fulfilled ant it will get its daily quota of exercise. This will keep the cat fit and fine.

Most of the time you are at your workplace and you are often handicapped by the paucity of knowledge of how much your cat is eating or what is its daily diet? A cat feeder basically is a double compartment vessel, one filled with dry food and another, just below the first. The food is dispensed in small intervals and can be set manually. So cat feeder has a special mechanism which can be operated by the cat by pushing a certain lever. In this way, the cat has to put in some labor to get its food.

Cats are cuddly little creatures that are clean and love to be fondled and pet. They can very easily blend into the environment of any home. However they are lazy and can engorge themselves on more than what they can stomach making them fat and lazy. Therefore it is important that they are always kept in a trim and fit state.

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