Lincoln Can it Maintain its Image

The Lincoln Town car remains the symbol of the American luxury and opulence. It has been around for thirty years and one of the most popular limo services cars for the last three decades. Of late there has been talk that the manufacturer Ford is planning to wind down production before stopping this brand. If it is true it is going to be the end of one of the most iconic cars of the century.

Both the versions of the Lincoln the Signature series and the Town car are equally popular with limo services. The reasons are not difficult to guess, the imposing wheel base, and sleek design, it can make any person feel like royalty. The luxury levels are to be seen to be believed. It has a multimode climate control mechanism, a surround sound arrangement comprising of 8 speakers and 6 Disc CD players. The rear boot of the car is so spacious that sometimes makes one wonder if it was really meant to be a luxury sedan; rear seats are rear heated. The real USP of the sedan is its 4.6 liter v8 engine which is a real brute and produces 239 horsepower which can propel the car from 0 to 80 mph in less than a few seconds. In spite of the fact that the genesis of the car is quite old, it features some of the most modern security systems like the electronic anti flipping stability controls, a locking resistant brake system and tyre pressure monitors. The safety feature also includes traction control and front and rear side airbags.

The Lincoln Town Car is the most revered among the Limo services providers. The Lincoln Town car has one more trick up its sleeve; it can run on E85 flex fuel. The Lincoln town car has been unchanged since 2009 and can seat six people in utmost comfort and luxury. The car has a 17 inch alloy wheel and keyless operation. The steering wheel is also adjustable so that the driver can adjust it according to comfort. The car has luxury an opulence written all over it. The steering wheel is covered with flawless leather and bears a wooden décor. It also has a rear view mirror with auto dim functions.

Traditionally most Limo services have used the Lincoln to ferry its distinguished passengers. A true Limo must be outlandishly luxurious and the Lincoln amply fits in this bracket. If Ford stops producing this car it will be a loss which will be keenly felt and difficult to replace.

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