Truth about Detox Diet

The modern times has seen a steep increase in the number of obese persons. What is even more worrying is the increasing number of obese children. Lack of physical exercises and a trend among the children to go for computer games instead of hard physical games such as football or hockey have contributed to the increase in the incidence of obesity among the kids. Junk foods also have been a culprit in increasing obesity in children and adult alike. The increasing incidence of obesity and the awareness of the risks of obesity have also caused a spawning of quick weight loss pills and special diet plans which promise obesity loss in three months or worse in even one month. However are they really effective in reducing weight? Or are just a group of gold digging companies who want to make fast buck by exploiting the awareness of the dangers of the dangers of obesity in the common public?

There has been a sudden increase in the market of Detoxification diet which promises quick weight loss by removing the toxins from the body. Using obscure references which may be in context with something else are often cited and served on the unsuspecting public and they easily fall victim to the carefully orchestrated advertising blitz. Most of the diet food includes such simple ingredients like lemon juice or avocado juice and a few edible herbs with exotic names to confuse the user. Lemon juice is known since long as an appetite suppressant. The human body has a number of detoxifying organs, especially the liver and the kidneys which are very efficient to remove the toxins. Therefore there is no need for any other external detoxifying diet to remove the toxins. Further such diets have conditions which require a severe reduction in fluid intake and normal diet. The weight loss is generally due to the restricted diet rather than the fanciful Detox diet.  Detox procedures which are suggested along with these diet is food which is low in calories and fibers. However if a person sticks to this diet without any special diet, it by itself will reduce the weight and give results. This is much better than having a hole blown in your pocket by buying these detox diet stuff. It is not necessary to fast to detoxify the body. If the organs of the body are working perfectly, there is no requirement of any outside detoxifying diet. A well balance diet with abundant amount of fibers is the best method for weight loss.

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