Preventing Injuries as a Masseur

Massage has been touted as a very good alternative therapy to reduce stress and strain associated with the daily rigor of workplace.  Often the stress built up during the course of the weekend can cause severe depression and often nagging pain in the neck and the back. A relaxing session of massage will help the person to unwind all the tautness and get him ready for another week of stress at the workplace. So much so for the benefits of massage on the human body, but what about the effects on the body of the masseur who carries out the massage?

You may have heard how over exertion in the form of training often caused a burnout and also makes the sports person vulnerable to injuries. The masseur is also prone to a number of injuries, especially related to the forearm.  A masseur puts a lot of pressure on the muscles of the forearm and one of the most common ailments which he or she usually suffers is carpel tunnel syndrome. Carpel Tunnel Syndrome is caused due to the compression of the nerves of the forearm and the fingers. It causes intense shooting pain and gets worse in the night.

One of the most important things is to keep your body fit and never overexert your muscles. Muscles are just like a common machine and needs rest to recoup for another day of hard work. Therefore it is important that the masseur gives appropriate rest to his muscles so that the muscle fibers are able to return to its normal state and gets ready for another session of extreme and tortuous routine. Often masseurs work at a stretch for long hours without giving rest to their muscles. This can aggravate into spasms and problems which can have a very bad effect on their career prospects.

Another very common problem which can get you into trouble is tendonitis. Tendons are attachments which connects the muscles to the bones. Tendons can get damaged or inflamed, if the muscles are overused. Tendonitis is a serious deep tissue injury and takes a long time to heal. Hence it is imperative that the masseur knows exactly when to put his foot down and take rest so that his body does not go overboard and cause irreparable damage. The masseur must also do arm and hand strengthening exercises in a gymnasium to prevent any future injuries.

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