Accident claims- An Avoidable Tragedy

Accident claims are getting nastier and as an accident claim attorney in New Port Richey, I have come across personal accident claims which can range from tragic to sometimes hilarious and bizarre. It is tragic to find that youngsters constitute a bulk of these accidents and sometimes it is tragic to find someone being killed or maimed for life due to the carelessness of someone else. However it cannot be denied that the kick associated with fast driving cannot be duplicated in any other way. With the hormones and the adrenaline pumping in the veins of the youths, it is impossible to get over the urge to do something different and attention grabbing.

In my teen years in New Port Richey, when I was studying law, I could not always suppress the urge to race with my bike touching a speed of 150 +. I was always admonished by my Dad and he always had the following couplet on his lips- If your take off is so ground breaking, the landing will be even more dramatic! His words came true when on a rainy day my bike skidded and I landed on my bottom. I skidded for some meters on my bottom and had deep abrasions spread almost an acre on my bum. All my fancy ideas of getting a kick and becoming an apple of the eye on my dating girlfriends came crashing down in a rather painful way. Still I thanked my stars that I was spared any major injuries.

Car crashes involving a car on motion with a stationary vehicle is one of the most common occurrence and the most common cause is talking or typing text on your cell. Often the crashes are so severe that it often makes me wonder if the driver had even applied his brakes. It often becomes a nightmare for attorney like me to try to convince the honored judge that the crash was a result of a delayed reflex rather than carelessness.

In spite of a concerted traffic awareness drives by the federal authorities, accidents do happen. What if you keep to your side as per traffic rules and the kid from the opposite side breaks the rule and makes a sudden U-turn from the wrong side! You will find all your traffic knowledge and rights as a law abiding citizen going down the drain. This is particularly scary since you cannot do anything about it rather than imposing very stiff and crippling penalties to disco rage people to attempt anything foolish on public roads which can maim or kill someone else on the road.

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