Tips to Get a Decent and Reliable Limo Service Tampa

It has been a long time since you had a family get together and you decide to have one. You invite your outstation friends and relatives for the get together and would like to make up by making the occasion memorable. You decide to get your loved ones from airport to your home in style and decide to hire a limo service Tampa.  You book and pay the token advance and return home satisfied that you have done your part. Have you really done everything? No! What if you find your loved ones escorted in an old and rickety Cadillac? What if the limousine chauffeur looks someone straight out of a comic book? Worse, what if you find your guests stranded on the town square since the limo Tampa which you have hired has been impounded by the traffic cops for not having the correct legal papers? There are so many questions which we seldom ask before hiring any limo service Tampa. Here are some tips which will help you to choose the right limousine services.

The Limo

Check the make and the age of the Limousine which the limo Tampa services offer. Choose the limo as per the number of persons whom you wish to escort. Also check for the tires of the limo since nothing can be more embarrassing than a flat tyre in front of your guests.

The Chauffeur

Check the chauffer, especially their attire and attitude; you will never want a unfriendly or grim looking chauffeur who is better at a funeral than driving you’re loved around. The chauffeur will also depend upon the purpose for which you are hiring the limo service. Also ensure that the chauffeur is one of the regular drivers and not a last minute replacement. A driver on deputation or an adhoc driver will be less professional than one on the company’s payroll.

The Fares

Lastly check the fares which are quoted and make a fair comparison with the services offered. Compare the price with other service providers. Look for hidden costs and read the fine print below the fare chart. Often service providers ask for extras like octroi or toll tax which is levied by the Federal or local government. Check that all the legal papers are in order and the Limo adheres to the safety and other rules as set by the traffic and federal authorities. Also ask about insurance and also the back-up limo for situations when the hired limo breaks down due to technical malfunction.

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