Limo Services Down The Ages

If you ask me the origin of Limo service, I would answer that it is a thousand years. Confused, well if you thought it more as an escort service, you will understand what I mean.  Right from the times of the Roman Empire, people have been using escort services in the form of chariots. The only difference being that the chariots were driven by horses instead of the automobile engine of present days. However one thing remains the same-most escort services, be it the chariots of the ancient era or the present times, both signified the fact that the passenger was a person of extreme wealth and wielded enormous power.

The history of the Limo service has changed considerably and the modern day limos come with special air suspensions, ample legspace and are stocked with almost any luxury which one can dream of. Most modern day limos are built in specialized workshops that are well adept in stretching any car into a limo. In earlier times the Cadillac was the most preferred car for conversion into a limousine. However in present times any car can be converted and this includes the formidable Hummer. The length of the limousine also varies and can be made to any specifications.

The most unique limousine is those which are used to ferry the heads of the nation. The limousine which carries the US President is said to be equivalent to an armored carrier. It is bulletproof and can withstand the force of a RPG. It is referred to as the Limo 1 much akin to the Air Force 1 which carries the US president. It is also believed to be teeming with the latest electronic surveillance measures and counter measures. Limo services have enabled common mortals to experience the luxuries of a limousine. Different Limo services offer Limos which are suited for every occasion. A wedding Limo is different from a Limo which is used to transport people to say a picnic or an outing. There are Limos which are designed for special Kid rave parties and even one for a prom night.

Most Limo providers have their own chauffeurs who will escort the passenger to their destination. These chauffeurs are specially trained and have their own uniforms which will make the passenger feel really pampered and grand. Limo providers offer additional sops in their Limos like Home theater system and large LCD screens. Some Limo providers also offer drinks and refreshments also.

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