Five Common Causes of Poor Sleep

Five Common Causes of Poor Sleep

Sleep is vital to anyone, and should not be neglected. Poor sleep is one of the most common problems in humans and can be caused by several reasons. Also, poor sleep can be extremely harmful to your health.

8-15% of the adult population of the globe have frequent complaints of poor sleep, and 9-11% use various sleeping pills. And this figure is much higher among the elderly.

Sleep disorders occur at any age and each age group has its own types of disorders.

That is why, in this article, we will explain the five main causes of poor sleep.

1. Various diseases

One of the most obvious reasons that may explain why you sleep poorly is a weak immune system. In the autumn-winter period, people with weak immunity are easily exposed to various diseases that are caused by infections, viruses, and microbes. To keep your immunity at the proper level, you need good sleep.

Constant lack of sleep leads to a breakdown of the body as a whole – so you should get up in the evening from the TV or computer and go to bed on time.

Healthy sleep is a guarantee not only of good health but also of good mood, productive work and more interesting and various rest.

In fact, the immune system suffers the most from poor sleep. When you sleep soundly, it is almost one hundred percent guarantee that you will have fewer illnesses and you will feel much better.

2. Changes in sleep schedule

When you sleep poorly, your cycle and sleep patterns tend to change. Thus, the obvious sign of poor sleep is that it is difficult for you to fall asleep at night.

At the same time, you can also wake up earlier than you usually get up yourself or the alarm clock will wake you up. This means that you have not slept the number of hours your body needs.

Obviously, poor sleep has other consequences that can be very dangerous for your body. That’s why you should pay a lot of attention to creating comfortable sleeping conditions because many people do not take this into account.

3. Chronic fatigue

Chronic fatigue is another cause and symptom of poor sleep. We live in an intense time. And fatigue syndrome is a problem for most modern people. Poor organization of the workplace, monotony, work without short breaks and rest – all this can cause fatigue. And prolonged fatigue leads to the development of chronic fatigue.

This means that you suffer from fatigue over a long period of time and this often tends to increase. This fatigue prevents you from doing your job properly, and even you will not have enough strength to do well in everyday life. For example, chronic fatigue can even lead to accidents and other things that will endanger your life.

4. Stomach problems

Poor sleep can also be the result of a slowed-down digestive system, especially for women. When this happens, you usually have diarrhea or constipation because your regular digestive cycle has changed.

It is also not uncommon for you to experience bloating and discomfort after eating. This can provoke poor sleep, malaise, and a bad mood.

Some diseases, such as gastritis and colitis, can also be associated with poor sleep.

5. Sweets

It has long been known that certain categories of food are simply not recommended to eat at night. When you can’t sleep for a long time, of course, you will eventually get hungry and feel the need to eat foods rich in sugar, especially sweets to increase energy.

As a result, if you eat this food in excess, you will most likely gain a few extra pounds for no reason and this, too, can cause poor sleep.

Sweet foods are high in fat, and like all fats, they are quite slow to digest, and they have a lot of sugar. All this can cause an agitated state and may not allow you to close your eyes all night or become one of the causes of poor sleep.

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