7 Ways to Get Traffic in a Complex Business Niche

7 Ways to Get Traffic in a Complex Business Niche

Sites that publish animals on their pages, “star” content, jokes and jokes, may not worry about traffic. After all, all people love this content, actively read it, like and sharyat. But what do the owners of niche sites do? Potential customers visit these sites rarely, spend little time on them and do not make reposts. Is it possible to solve this problem? Yes, you can. I will give you 7 tips on how to attract traffic if your project is working in a complex niche.


First, let’s define what a “complex niche” is and whether your company belongs to it.

  1. High competition within the niche.
  2. Presence of obvious leaders in the niche.
  3. You sell “complex” products (that is, you have to explain to most of your potential customers what the essence of your product is and why it is needed in principle).
  4.  Your product is expensive.
  5. You sell a product that is not trusted by people.

So, you have a difficult niche, but this is not an excuse to drop your hands and “hammer” on traffic! How to attract users to the site? I suggest several options!

1. Low-frequency traffic.

Create the widest possible semantic core and move along the “long-tailed” low-frequency queries. Large companies, in general, choose to promote high-frequency requests and invest large sums of money. But “long-tailed” requests to cover completely – it is impossible, because there are a lot of them. Therefore, long tail guarantees traffic at any level of competition.

2. Use guest blogs and themed communities.

Use industry sites to increase audience reach. And remember: you are interested not in the links, but in the attention of real users. Therefore, I recommend that you focus on the quality and current content.

3. Create a free, but valuable product.

Create an instruction, diagram, tool or any other useful product that you can use for free. For the sake of this product, people will regularly come to your site, which will increase the attendance of your resource.

4. Use video content.

Getting the first positions in the SERP is much easier than unsuccessfully fighting for a “place in the sun” of the ubiquitous Google. In addition, the video is an excellent excuse to stand out against the backdrop of colleagues who rarely make videos, but regularly post articles and photo reports.

5. Use Email Marketing.

This method of attracting traffic to the site works perfectly in any niche of business. Email marketing is the fastest way to personally contact every representative of the target audience.

6. Talk about public experiments and cases.

People like to learn from other people’s examples, and even better – use these examples in their practice. Give them the opportunity to do this on the pages of your website.

7. Train your audience.

Organize webinars, open chats, give public answers to questions, do “live” seminars, etc. People love to learn, especially if it’s free, so there will not be a drop-off from those who wish.

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