Digitizing the Advertisement Strategy for Improved Business Reach

Digitizing the Advertisement Strategy for Improved Business ReachRunning your business on the Internet is different than the one you that you manage through the brick and mortar stores. In the digital world, you have to cater to the tastes of a larger audience spread all over the globe. Besides, the absence of face to face interaction makes the business strategies for the digital companies markedly different from the traditional businesses.

If you have a business hosted on the Internet and are looking for a digital marketing agency to design your website, then you have a lot of choices before you. However, before you make a final call, do a little research about the web designing companies concerning their past record, the prices they charge and only then make an informed decision.

There are several new google trends in design that will give your website a completely new look to attract customers. We have listed some of these designs here so that you can choose the one that will fit your company profile perfectly.

1). Gradients are back in fashion: In 2017, we are witnessing the return of gradient design in making a website look more attractive. The new gradient design looks more colorful with increased use of bright colors. In addition, the new two gradient overlay pattern of different color is creating a wave in the web designing community.

2). Increasing use of audio video experience: Recent trends suggest that more and more developers are trying to provide cinematic experience through the homepage to make it more interesting. However, do not try to use this type of design for academic sites where the visitor may not like it. It is more suitable for music, movie, games or any other such hip and happening websites.

3). Virtual reality is the latest fad: Although there are very few devices that allow you to enjoy the charm along with the immensely personal involvement of virtual reality, people have found a way around this problem by putting 360-degree videos on the home page. In addition, the titles are designed with three-dimensional fonts to improve the virtual reality experience of the viewers.

4). The improvement in the parallax design: This theme was actually started in 2016, but the designers have made several more improvements to give it a touch of reality with better graphics to attract more viewers to the website.

5). Less is beautiful: many designers are following this motto by only putting one or two words on top of a beautiful background. As you scroll down the image you will see more information which when clicked will take you to a separate page filled with information about that heading.

6). The world of tactile imagery: Instead of beautiful illustrations, designers are nowadays using images of real objects in the homepages with such clarity that the viewer will feel like he can touch the object if he reaches out for it.

7). The effect of smartphones and wearable on design: With an ever-growing user base of smartphones and wearable, it is but natural that the designers will try to create such home pages that can be viewed optimally on a small screen. So, expect larger typography and a minimalistic looking background in the upcoming websites that are particularly focusing on smartphones and other small screen devices.

8). Newer ways of putting navigational bars: The earlier trend of putting the navigational bar at the top of the home page is changing. Nowadays, it can be put in any place on the homepage. Some of the designers are also experimenting with pop-up navigational tools to give the viewer a tool to look for anything particular in the website without affecting the overall look of the web page.

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