Experience in Lasik Eye Surgery

surgery-676396_1280In the recent era different eye surgeon always prefer LASIK eye surgery for the curing vision of different people. Again, this surgery has a very high success rate and very few times people faced different side effects after the surgery. If you undergo this surgery, then you don’t have to use spectacles and contact lenses in the future because this surgery can give you 40/40 eye vision. Though this surgery is very safe and effective, but people who undergo this surgery fell very nervous before the beginning of the operation. So before undergoing this treatment, you should read about this laser surgery on the internet, and you can also talk to your eye surgeon for clearing different doubt about the process of this laser surgery.

Things To Know Before Undergoing Lasik Surgery:

There are several things which you should know if you want to experience this LASIK eye surgery. First of all, you have to undergo different tests to determine your pupil size, the thickness of the cornea and also your health history. If your health condition is not good or you have a thin cornea, then different eye surgeons suggest not to undergo this surgery. Again, if you have low moistness in your eye, then you have to take different medicines for the treatment before undergoing this LASIK eye surgery else you will face problems for excessive dryness of your eyes.

One of the most important treatments which you have to go through is the eye mapping using topographer which measures the curvature of the eye, and this mapping is very important during the surgery because this can only help an eye surgeon to do the surgery accurately. Again, sometimes doctors suggest not to use the contact lenses before this LASIK surgery because these lenses can alter the real shape of the cornea and thus it will be harder for a surgeon to reshape it properly.

Process Of LASIK Surgery:

  • Here at first you have to sit on the operation chair and then an anesthetic compound will be given to you so that you can feel any kind of pain during the operation. You will find an instrument near your seat, and that will help you to open your eyes during the surgery.
  • After that, an orange light will be focused towards you, and then your eye surgeon will use a mechanical tool known as a microkeratome to create a flap in the clear front of your eye cornea.
  • Then he will fold back the hinge which is attached directly to the flap to gain the access to the lower part of cornea known as stroma.
  • After that, he will remove the microscopic tissues around your cornea by using an excimer laser, and this helps for reshaping the cornea of the eyes. For nearsighted people, the surgeon tries to flatten the cornea, but for farsighted people he tries to make the cornea steeper.
  • Lastly, the flap is brought back to the previous position and then your eyes will heal naturally.

Sometimes you may face different side effects after the surgery like dry eye syndrome, night vision problem, glare, etc. but these can be treated very easily.

Picture Credit : Pixabay.com

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