What You Don’t Know About Energy Healing

Picture Credit : healingswithgod.com
Picture Credit : healingswithgod.com

Energy Healing is a form of healing that heals by enhanced energy flow. It basically brings about a correction in the human energy field, surrounding and permeating the body. The self-healing capacity of the body is thereby increased with an improvement that is brought about in the flow of energy to the energy field. We talk about energy, when we talk about Energy Healing. Everything around us are constituted of patterns of energy, so while we focus to energy it brings about a healing in all levels- mental, emotional, physical and the spiritual level as well. Energy Healing has a holistic approach. The body’s subtle energies are activated by the holistic practices of Energy Healing.

There are various forms of Energy healing therapy and to mention some of them are Reiki, Aura and Chakra Clearing, Thought Field Therapy, Emotional Stress Release, Meditation, Crystal Healing and many such more techniques. Our state of mind is what decides on how we recover from any forms of injury or illnesses. The highest form of training is needed for Energy Healing. There are practitioners, who undertake Energy Healing Course, and utilize their knowledge on healing power and then bring about a healing for all, without any form of manipulation by the practitioner. These courses will train the students in the science and the art of Energy Healing.

What are the Essential things that we don’t know About Energy Healing?

1. Cultures studied Energy Healing, for Thousands of Years

The Chinese methods of acupuncture are based on the Meridians, the super highways of the body. The Hindu texts mentioned the seven Energy Transmissions of the body called Chakras. The Japanese tradition of Energy Healing, dated back to 20th century, and is called Reiki.

2. Total Accessibility of Energy Healing

There are several Energy Healers, all over the world. Reflexology stimulates the organs, systems and the meridians and brings about healing through the removal of blocked energies, through various points on the feet, ears and hands. Massages are also another form of Energy Healing, as it enhances the flow of lymph’s, and decreases the muscle tensions, offering a deeper relaxation. The practitioners of Reiki, believes that they need not be in the same room, but the intention itself is sufficient to reach the actual location of healing.

3. No need to be Spiritual for Energy Healing

If you are anxious, stressed or physically drained out, you need to pay a visit to an Energy Healer, who will offer you a healing session for complete relaxation and thereby find a better balance in life.

4. Maintain your Energy health, even at home

Energy cleansing always cures you of that heavy feeling, bathing with Epsom or Pink Himalayan salt. Crystals also provide a healing environment surrounding you.

5. Energy Healing finds a foundation in Science

Matter is composed of molecules, as we learnt from our science lessons. We often talk about “good vibes”, which actually depicts the vibration state of us, the humans.  It is the happy people who are capable of vibrating higher energies. There are vibrations associated with places too. When we visit the sea beach, the air above the beach exudes higher frequencies of vibrations.

Our state of mind influences recovers us from illnesses and injuries. An energy healing course will heal you. The energy healing therapy will bring a balance in the energy fields of the body, improving the health.

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