Best Adventures Holidays to Sundarban National Park

Best Adventures Holidays to Sundarban National Park

India is a country who is blessed with lots of natural resources and natural beauties. This country is a perfect blend of cultural and natural beauty. It is among the hottest destination for the holidays in all around the world. If you love wildlife and nature then plans your winter vacations as most adventures Sundarban tour. Sundarban is among the most important locations of West Bengal which is known for its environmental importance. It is recognized as a world heritage site by the UNESCO. If you have this plan in the pipeline then you should take Sundarban package tour so that you can enjoy completely and properly.

Top reasons to visit Sundarban:

Well, if you are searching for accurate reasons to visit this beautiful and naturally rich place, here you will find best reasons to visit Sundarban at least once in your entire life:

  • Mangrove forests: Sundarban has largest natural mangrove forest. If you love greenery, you can take a tour to Sundarban to enjoy such beauty.
  • Tiger reserve: Bengal royal tigers are different from other tigers. In Sundarban, you will find the largest number of tigers in the whole world. Sundarban is the favorite home for the royal and sizzling Bengal tigers.
  • Wild-life experience: Sundarban is not only a home for royal tigers but many other wild animal prefer this beautiful place as their home. If you are interested in wild-life experience, you can visit Sundarban to get the extreme experience of wild life here. Sundarban is a home of rhesus macaque, rhinos, spotted deer and Wild boars etc.
  • Bird sanctuary: There are approximately 250 bird species. You can enjoy the site scene of migrating birds as well. Sundarban is the most important destination to discover the glance of the birds like sea eagle, egrets, kingfisher, sandpiper, herons white bellied lapwings, whimpers and plovers etc. It is among the most favorite place for the migrating birds from all over the globe.
  • Largest fishery board: Birds migrated towards Sundarban because Sundarban holds the largest fishery board of India. High productivity of water helps to produce foods for the fishes. Due to this element, many people have employment. This fishery boards is located in the area of around 50 hectare.
  • Home of Reptiles: If you are interested in reptiles, you will get immense variety of reptiles here. Snakes, crocodiles, olive ridley sea turtles, ground turtles, hawksbill sea turtles, Genetic dolphin and king crabs (horse shoe) etc.
  • Blissful place for photographers: You can easily find the sun-bathing view of crocodile easily here. Walk of royal Bengal tigers and other wild animals is very normal here. For photographers, this place is a real paradise. They can click and capture all the natural magic here. Definitely, it is a place to capture.

Best time to take a tour of Sundarban:

If you are planning Sundarban Travel, you need to know the best time to visit here. Winters are the best time to visit here. In winters, you can view the number of migrating birds from all around the world. Sundarban is undoubtedly a greatest destination for the nature lover all around the world. If you love nature, greenery, forests and wildlife, you must visit this beautiful place. Thick forest area, muddy earth and beautiful water bodies are like icing on the cake. You will get a pleasant temperature here will add some more comfort zone in your overall trip. Why are still waiting, pack your bags and add some more fascinating memories. Sundarban Package Tour is available at pocket friendly cost. You can get your best package by doing little bit of research.

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