Advanced Bluetooth technology intends to transform the future for hearing aids

Advanced Bluetooth technology intends to transform the future for hearing aidsFitness Trackers and smartwatches are definitely a game changer which has stormed the markets, but you will be surprised to know the most popular gadget in this segment. It is a hearing aid. While fitness trackers often find their destiny in the drawers after few months of their purchase, hearing aids are actually transforming the manner in which people having hearing impairments are living in this digital age. The advanced and small Bluetooth enabled devices appear as if they were a gadget from some popular Hollywood spy movie. The devices have the ability of smartly connecting with most of the smartphones that allows people to hear their phone conversations directly instead of holding their phones against their ears.

The same is possible for listening music and watching televisions. These smart gadgets eliminates the need of using headphones while connecting the Bluetooth hearing aids easily pairs up these devices with TVs, computers and smartphones. With such a smart hearing aid around, people having any form of hearing impairment gain greater control over the environment. While walking down the street, it is a terrific idea to have a binaural hearing that enables you to control volume. It is possible irrespective of the fact that you are walking on streets among sirens or honking cars, or even having the conversation on the phone.

Louise Levy who is a chief audiologist at Baby Face Foundation is actively involved in ensuring patients can decide the ways in which they could address different kinds of hearing impairments. She recommends her patients having hearing aids to try using Bluetooth versions. As per her experience, she says, it is quite easy to convince young patients as compared to the elderly. However, most of the people using the smartphones easily understand the benefits this Bluetooth device comes along. It is possible to change the volume as well as other important settings by using apps on your smartphone. To make life easier for those who are not well versed with the smartphones, some of these Bluetooth devices come with a remote control. These remotes comprise of large buttons which is quite easy to use as compared to the ones on the smartphone.

Most of these Bluetooth hearing aids come with the feature of pairing up with small clip-on- microphones. These are pretty handy at places which are large and noisy. People wearing these hearing aids can simply ask the other people who they like to speak to, to clip on the microphone on their shirts. This way, the message gets wirelessly transmitted from microphone to hearing aid. Some manufacturers have even come up with the idea of making necklace devices which are embedded with the microphones which can be worn by the patient. It facilitates hands free mobile conversations which mean there is no need for holding the phone on to the mount while speaking. There are several more variations and designs which are available in the market that adds an extra bit of style questioned to this very handy device.

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