Health benefits of playing table tennis

Health benefits of playing table tennis Fast paced sports have a number of health benefits for players. Practicing these games may be a suitable way to an improved health and mental ability. There are a number of sports falling under this category and one of them is table tennis. It has multiple health benefits irrespective of playing doubles game or singles. However, it may be played at quite a fast rate for burning calories and getting fit. Discussed below are the key benefits of playing table tennis:

Improving reflexes

Owing to fast paced and short distanced nature of this sport, muscular movements are largely improved. It is a game which is distinguished based on burst of recovery and exertion. It leads to swift twitch muscular movement.

Growth of mental acuity 

The sport has three key aspects, spin, placement and speed of the ball. Professional players are usually experts in creating and decoding puzzles. It must involve the use of all three attributes.

Improvement in eye-hand coordination

Table tennis can stimulate concentration, tactical strategy and mental alertness. As a result, it is well suited to young people for sharpening their reflexes. In older people, the sport may refine their tactical thinking.

Provides a socializing outlet

Sports can be great a way to connect and bond with people. Irrespective of playing at house or community centre, it helps in growing connection with people and also losing weight. It helps a great deal in building new relationships and improving communication. Playing table tennis with parents and siblings brings family members close. It allows them to spend quality time together and get close to each other.

Burns calories

A person weighing 150 pounds can also play the sport for an hour to burn up to 272 calories. Being an addictive and entertaining sport, it would be a suitable way to shed some pounds.

Relaxes the joints

People who have undergone knee surgery, ankle twisting and back problems can play table tennis. It won’t overburden their joints and help in improving arm, leg and central strength.

Improves balancing abilities

Maintaining balance and changing directions quickly are key requisites for achieving success in this sport. It is particularly true for the old people for practice helps in improving their balancing abilities in long run. 

Keeps the brain sharp

According to a weekly journal, playing the sport leads to motor skill improvement and better cognitive awareness. A set of clinical studies of Japan discovered that blood flow to brain increases while playing a round or two. It can also prevent the occurrence of dementia in many cases.

Stimulates different regions of brain

For anticipation of opponent’s shot, a particular player makes use of pre-frontal cortex in strategic planning. Aerobic exercise out of the physical activity leads to hippocampus stimulation. It is the same region of brain responsible for enabling us to grow and retain memories, events and facts.

Improves coordination

Players follow the incoming and outgoing ball very closely. It will move towards you very quickly and you can follow their trajectory. It leads to better eye-hand coordination in future.

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