Introducing the wonder of the EKOCYCLE Cube 3D Printer

Introducing the wonder of the EKOCYCLE Cube 3D PrinterThis new 3D printing application is sure to set the ecological and green world on their ears.

Developed by EKOCYCLE and legendary musician and actor Will.I.Am of the Fugees, this 3D printer is actually a plug and and play that uses recycled plastic to make new cups and so on.

This new product will soon be on the market via Cubify and each one has a cartridge that can take three used plastic bottles and turn the raw materials into any objects your EKOCYCLE Cube 3D Printer can make. From toys to tool parts, jewelry, and more.

This breakthrough should have people, businesses, families, saving tons of money by making their own products at home. Using recyclable materials means a cleaner environment, safer and more savings overall.

This is an application of 3D printing the world really needs. The sheer brilliance of it just overwhelms the mind. Just think of gathering all those plastic bottles, putting them into this 3D printer and making toys or helpful parts for hospitals, pet rescue places, repair parts and anything you can imagine. The wonder of this application by EKOCYCLE with the endorsement by one of the most socially conscious and trusted celebrities out there means this device will be household in no time.

Schools, small companies, even households can benefit too as they can make items to sell. You’ve got to understand how this technology works. Any object you scan with a 3D scanner or build with 3D software can be printed into a real object right before your eyes. If you’re a smart sculptor or 3D designer you don’t have to pay much for materials, just pick up the plastic and you’ve got items to sell.

There’s no doubt this item is going to be popular especially when the wholesale price drops. A solution to pollution and a fun way to make things using 3D printing like never before.

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