Digital Devices May Cause Damage to Your Eyes

Digital Devices May Cause Damage to Your EyesContinuous staring at the video game, smartphone, computer screen, or other devices hours together can impact the health of eyes. While the damage these cause is not permanent in nature but they can cause the eyes to feel tired and dry. Few people have also complained of experiencing headaches and others say they suffer from motion sickness while viewing three dimensional videos. This is indicative of the fact that the viewer has problems with depth perception or focussing.

What are causes of computer use sprain?

There are a number of causes for computer use sprain. The humans, in general, blink almost eighteen times in a minute which is normal. However, while looking at the computer screen, the blinking is reduced to almost half. This is not just with computer but with other devices too, irrespective of play or work. Eye strain can also be caused to an extensive period of reading or writing or any other kind of eye work for long periods.

There are a few things that can be done in order to help cope with these problems.

The most essential thing here is to keep a distance of twenty five inches from computer screen. The screen should be positioned in such a way that the eye gaze remains little downward.

  • The glare from computer screen also affects the eyes. This glare can be reduced by properly lighting up the area. Use of a screen filter is also recommended when the need is felt.
  • You can also add a note on the computer which says “blink” for a reminder.
  • It is better not to stare at the screen continually. Short rests and breaks for the eyes are advisable. For instance the eyes should be shifted from the screen every twenty minutes to look at something that is kept away at a minimum distance of twenty feet for a minimum of twenty seconds.
  • When the eyes feel dried up and tired, artificial tears can be used to help feel better and relaxed.
  • The most essential thing to be done is taking breaks at regular intervals from computer. Getting a good night’s sleep is also important.

The experts in ophthalmology say that the strain caused by computer can be worsened by a number of reasons. When you do not get sufficient sleep, the eyes may get irritated. At the time of sleeping, the eyes are at rest for extended period. This is the time during which the eyes get replenished. When irritation in the eye continues, it may cause swelling, redness and infection. The problem can be aggravated on wearing contact lenses.

In case when the computer work requires spending long hours, it is advisable to take power naps or rest breaks. A washcloth can be soaked in luke warm water and kept on closed eyes to soothe them. If the eyes feel tired or if they pain, it should be taken as signaling the need of a break. Wearing glasses while performing computer work will also reduce the damage caused to a large extent.

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