Get In The Unique Cultures And Charms Of Arabian Land


Dubai generally known as the place for its oil and beautiful attractions and is the most proffered location for the tourists from different parts of the world. It is quite well known for its tall buildings, magnificent resorts and unbelievable structures.  The city has become a significant hub for variety of activities. Its exclusive styles and appeals attract people towards it. The exotic wasteland, the huge purchasing centers, innovative tall buildings and historical structures creates Dubai a vacationer spot and these best explains the city. The place provides so much to experience that it is difficult to explain all here but with little effort some highlights of the great city are given below.

Sheikh Saeed house

Sheikh Saeed was a leader of this Arabian land and his house is renowned as an art gallery. It was designed near the sea so that the king can see the water and its busyness from the balconies. It is an outstanding example of traditional artwork.


It is one of the earliest places in Dubai which provides vacationer to encounter how Dubai was up to now. Within the Bastakiya place, the Al Fahidi fort is situated. The Al Fahidi fort is rectangle formed with systems taking up three of its sides.

Jumeirah Mosque

A journey to the Jumeirah Mosque is a good beginning of Dubai trip. It has a dome which is usually captured by many visitors that visit the mosque each season.

Dubai Museum

It is a good place to see in Dubai.  Its structure is very huge and situated within the Al Fahidi Fort. It provides an exclusive journey towards the city of desert. The significant aspect of this museum is that it is telling the guests about the ancient past of Arabian people. A huge area of the Dubai Museum includes the musical show equipment and the other has the weapons and used utensils.

Burj Al Arab

It is one of the most magnificent with a size of 321 m structure in Dubai city. It is acknowledged as the icon of Dubai. It is constructed on the manmade Island and attracting visitors due to its unique look and versatile facilities.

Wild Wadi

It is situated next to Burj Al Arab and the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. You will discover memorable encounters here along with fun and excitement. Indeed this is a perfect place for the children but it does not mean that adult cannot enjoy this wild park. There is also much for them to get crazy.


Atlantis Hotel

The Atlantis is a place that is situated on the Palm Island of Dubai. Its huge structure and stylish look attract viewers to come and enjoy stay here. The hotel has all facilities to please its guests with grace and style.

Burj Khalifa

It is a skyscraper in Dubai and is the highest man made framework on the globe with a size of 829.84 m. It is situated in the center Dubai and it requires more than four hours seeing the entire Burj Khalifa.

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