A Glimpse into the World of Multifunction Printers

PrintersToday, business operations have become simple, quick and efficient thanks to modern technology. Multifunction Printers are another gift that technology has given to the world, making office chores so much easier. This is the most versatile equipment out there as it performs several tasks alone; printing, copying, scanning and faxing. Since space constraint is a common issue in most offices; this equipment helps businesses to optimize space too. After all, it takes up space of one machine and does the work of several.

Copying/ Scanning/Faxing

Now, all Multifunction Printers perform the above tasks. There are some that advertise themselves as providing copying and faxing jobs, but logically it should be assumed that why will also have scan capability. This is obvious because scanning involves the same technology that is used in faxing where an image is captured and transmitted. Of course, an additional modem will be needed. Moreover, nowadays many people prefer e-mails and faxing is slowly dying out.

There are some printers that come as a package along with modems but if a business is not going to use fax then there is no need to buy this equipment.

Inkjet or Laser jet

When a person is going to buy a printer; he or she will be asked by the shopkeeper as to which technology is preferred; inkjet or laser jet. The ones with single function as well as with multifunction are available in both technologies.

An important point to be noted is that the market is full of different models that provide high-end color prints and also those that provide a low-end monochrome. It is up to the user to determine his needs first before making a decision.

Budget along with the number of pages and frequency of printing must be taken into account. Ink cartridge cost is another consideration.

If one knows that printing tasks is a long term one, then laser jets are more cost effective since there is no need to replace ink cartridges in this. Toners used in these can last for several years. If printing job is needed only at home, then these toners can outlive the life of its printer.

The only downside is that laser printers can be a little expensive, but in the long run they help in reducing printing costs.

Buying Dilemmas

It must be understood that any printer that performs multiple functions will be priced higher and if one is sure that only one job is going to be primarily needed then there is no use in investing in a pricey machine.

For example; if a small business requires mainly faxing and rarely printing and copying then a dedicated machine for faxing is perhaps a better idea from a financial perspective.

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